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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Home Sweet Hotel?

What a long day it's been for Boy G!! He had to get up at 4am this morning to make it to IAH for a 7am flight to NOLA. When he got to the airport to check in, he had that moment of panic when he realized that he didn't have his driver's licence in his wallet because he stuck into his pocket when he went to walk at Memorial Park on Sunday! The nice lady from the TSA acutally let Boy G through with the hideous photo on his Sam's Club card, but she warned him that she couldn't guarantee that her co-workers in NOLA would be so understanding. Another coworker who found himself in a similar situation verified that the NOLA TSA were ID Nazis and wouldn't let him through once! Quelle dommage- what to do? Well, what do the Ginger's ever do when their ass is in a crack? CALL THE LESBIANS!!! That didn't go as smoothly as usual, because even though they were, in fact, awake at 6am, they weren't exactly "up", since Miss Sonna's back was once again out of whack so she was down for the count and unavailable to help! But her darling sweetie Miss D actually went to Miss G's, dug through the pockets of Boy G's dirty laundry, and FedEx'ed the DL to him overnight for 8am delivery! Do the G's have great friends or what?!
Anyho, the day went fine, although the Boy's work is still wrought with transition issues and they still can't quickly put their fingers on the data they need to make good business decisions. Time will heal, we are told!
It was strange checking back into the hotel! We spent so much time here last fall, and the hotel is SO lovely, that it almost seemed like a homecoming! The girl at the desk didn't care that I had no ID- she remembered me! The bartender ran into me on the way from the desk to the elevator and gave me a big hug! I really did feel like Eloise returning to the Plaza!
Speaking of NYC hotels (how was that for a segway?!) Boy G can't wait to check into the NYC Sofitel on Friday! He's hoping Miss G will come with him, but she's been suffering a hideous yeast infection and she's waiting for the Monistat 10,000 to kick in! Plus, she HATES going in public wihthout an escort, and no gentlemen have offered their arm as of yet! So, her bags are still in the attic, but Boy G has already starting putting outfits together for every 10 minutes of the trip! DDBW, here we come!


Bob said...

It just proves my theory: When in doubt, get a lesbian. They dan do anything.

David Dust said...

Darling -

I, for one, would be honored to escort Miss G on Friday night. And I'm sure I'm not the only Dust Bunny "gentleman" who would jump at the chance.

Hell, I know of a few Dust Bunny real-life LADIES who would be your escort for the evening.

We're all praying that Ginger's ointment kicks in and we get a chance to see her this weekend!


Dan said...

Monistat! LMAO!!! I am so sorry i am not going to have the honor of actually meeting you!

Sam said...

If Bill pisses me off one more time before our flight Thursday from LAX, I promise to process his ass and send him to NYC Asap, he keeps telling me he should have been an escort anyway.

Mark in DE said...

Lesbians to the rescue!!!

Looking forward to meeting you in 2 days!

mistress maddie said...

Maddie doesn't have any kind of infection, she is probably drunk somewhere in a detox unit!!! Work has been insane this week. I can't wait for the trip this weekend!

Joy said...

Y'all are going to have so much fun!

Beth said...

Disaster averted, thanks to the lesbians! Yay! I can't wait to hear about the DDBW, and see all kinds of pics. Sorry about Miss G's pesky infection...those are so uncomfortable! ;) Hugs, Beth

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

So glad that you got help with your ID.

Hope you get some relief soon, I cannot imagine DDBW without Miss G. Looking forward to pictures and details.


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