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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Disaster Averted!

Since Miss Ginger insisted on handling the reservations and bookings for the DDBW trip herself, Boy G figured he better get all the confirmations and such together since she won't be coming along. He knew the airline reservation was fine because he printed his boarding pass this morning, but when he went to Orbitz to find the hotel and car service, something was wrong... the trips weren't coming up in the correct order. He couldn't figure out what was going on, and he stared and stared at it until he realized what was going on- that wasn't a "5", it was an "8"!! Miss G was too vain to wear her glasses, and in her farsighted stupor made a reservation at the Sofitel for AUGUST 29-31, not this weekend! Quelle dommage!!!

And guess what?! It's a NON-REFUNDABLE reservation, so it can't be changed!!!

Luckily, the Sofitel HAS rooms available tomorrow through Sunday, so Boy G was able to book a room at a "last minute rate" that wasn't too much of a rape! So, he's all set for DDBW, although he's gonna take a cab instead of a car service, since he won't have the prima donna with him!

And for any of you "last minute Louies" out there who wished they were going but didn't book it, the Sofitel has rooms! Get on line a book it!

And, since the original reservation is "paid fer" and can't be cancelled, who wants to join our gurl on "Miss Ginger's Misfortunate NY Theatre Trip", now scheduled for AUGUST 29-31st! Luckily, that's a weekend, too! The weekend BEFORE Labor Day, so Boy G will probably take vacation the week between, starting in NYC and ending in NOLA for Southern Decadence! Make your plans! EVERYONE'S invited!

How's that for making lemons into lemonade?


David Dust said...

August 29th is 3 days after my birthday!! Sounds like "Dustorm II" will be coming early!

See ya soon!!!!


Beth said...

August 29 IS my birthday! LOL Looks like David is a fellow Virgo. :) Sorry about the mix-up with the dates, but I'm glad you were able to adapt and turn a negative into a positive! Hugs, Beth

Dan said...

OMG! I will be in NOLA for decadence as well!!!!
I stay at the Omni Royal

MadeInScotland said...

Oh la la! I always worry about misbooked trips, turning up and finding it was last week.

Glad, though, that you could fix it.

Have a good weekend.


Joy said...

Anyone going to be in NOLA around October 10?

Miss Ginger Grant said...

David: we don't use the word "storm" in Louisiana during the summer months! Remember the trip you had planned last year?
Joy: I'm sure I could arrange to be in in New Orleans around that time! What's up?

Mark in DE said...

You're a clever lady, Miss G!

Herina said...

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