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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Miss Ginger's Take on "The Fashion Show"---

Bravo's knockoff of it's own creation, "The Fashion Show", started tonight with Izaac Mizrable and Kelly Rowland as hosts. I mean, what's not to love about a TV show named after a shopping mall in Las Vegas?

As do all good "occupational reality" shows, this one starts with the intro of the "characters", and this one accounts for all the usual stereotypes and every genus and species of freak! This is all punctuated with plenty of Mizrahi mincing and that terrible face he makes that makes it look like Kelly Rowland just farted!
I'll leave the recap of the drama to David Dust, for that takes far more time than Miss Ginger cares to invest, and his will be funnier anyway! But I WILL share each week Miss Ginger's take on the contestants, the hosts, and anything else she thinks she can poke with a really sharp stick!

Of course, these shows always have their "class clown", the superfreak that everyone loves or hates. For this show it's Merlin, and so far Miss G hates him! Mostly because he looks like Tattoo from "Fantasy Island", and that's all the reason Miss G needs!

The next throwback to ancient television Miss G could have lived without is Reco. She just kept waiting for him to exclaim "di-no-MITE!" but luckily it never happened!

"My Little Pony" almost got her ass sent home tonight! Miss Ginger could not get past her makeup, which unfortunatley doesn't read in these photos, but was garinglingly obvious on national TV. Some PLEASE tell this girl to confine her blush to the apples of her cheeks; don't sweep it on with a broom from your nose to your temples! Oh, and Mary Kate wants her school bus yellow shoes back!

I spent the entire episode trying to think of who Keith reminded me of:

Then it hit me like a ton of bricks:

Maybe not so much Girl Tammie Brown, but definitely Boy Tammie! I couldn't find a pic of him so you'll just have to trust me on this one!
And then there was that 80's cougar thing, Maven or Haven or whatever the hell name her hippie freak parents gave her. She was wearing ARMWARMERS! What the hell are ARMWARMERS? Can't you afford a whole sweater?
Enough!!! Off to Vegas! More from there!


Bob said...


that's exactly what I thought.

I always thought, Who is Kelly Rowland and why is she there? Because that don't make no sense.

frogponder said...

I thought Kelly did a pretty good job - as someone who is a consumer of fashion. She seemed natural. I was contrasting her to the first gal who co-hosted Top Chef. Maybe all the women who work in the industry are too busy. And it just shows that you need two people to replace Sir Tim.

Dan said...


That queen got on every last gay nerve I had last night. What an embarrasement to queens everywhere!

What the same hell was he wearing?

theminx said...

I thought Reco looked like one of Fat Albert's friends, but JJ works too! And I thought Keith looked a bit like Billy Ray Cyrus does now - at least with his hair down.

Indigo said...

Keith reminds me of Kurt Corbain from Nirvana. That same grungy look. (Hugs)Indigo

Mark in DE said...

Great character comparisons!!

Having Kelly Rowland on 'The Fashion Show' is like having Richard Simmons on Oprah. You just keep coming back to the question 'Why???'

Coelha :B said...

You are right... That guy could be Tattoo's brother!!! LOL Julie :)

David Dust said...

Great comparisons! My Little Pony worked my LAST nerve, btw.

CLICK HERE for my take.

Thanks for the link!


Joy said...

Love those comparisons! My Little Pony cracked me up! Oh, I didn't like Merlin before but now that you've put Tattoo in my head, no way!! You are right!

Have fun in Vegas!

edder said...

I gave you an award, Miss Ginger :)


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