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Friday, May 1, 2009

The Big Day is Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the Kentucky Derby Party benefitting Legacy at Chances! Miss Ginger is co-hosting, and there is so much work to be done! She has to prepare one of her FABULOUS briskets, get her bonnets made, find all the drag horses for the drag horse races, make baked beans, decorate her jockey shorts, decide what to wear, and come up with 2 numbers! Oye, why does she procrastinate so? I'm sure she'll have the staff up all night cooking, gluing, and fetching! Let's just hope the bitch doesn't decide she wants to make a new dress! That would be just like her! If she goes all Martha Stewart on our ass there may be a walkout!
Anyho- hope all you locals can make it to the party! Wear a bonnet if you want to enter the contest, and there's also a contest for the "best jockey shorts", so get our your Ronco® Bedazzler and get going!


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

I am confident you will have a Fabulous day. When the race is run, we will be thinking of you :o)

edder said...

Oh my. Your Saturday is sure to be much more exciting than mine! I raise you one raccoon with my coyote and, uh, do that thing with cards that have to do with jockey shorts and, uh, horses.

Can't you just recycle your Easter bonnet and turn it into a Kentucky Derby thingy?

That would be So. Green.

Have fun, lovely!

Beth said...

Enjoy! But don't worry about a new dress. You'll look great in what you've got! Mmm...brisket....

XO Beth

Joy said...

Everything you do is fabulous! Your guests are fortunate. Unfortunately, the horses in the derby not as much because of the rain and mud. Hope they'll be OK.

"Tommy" said...

i know you will have the Best Bonnet on Derby Day !!!

Mark in DE said...

Yee ha! Sounds like fun.


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