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Monday, May 4, 2009

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Miss Ginger is not certain why Mexico spends the fifth day of the fifth month each year celebrating a French condiment, but suspects perhaps they are just showing respect for a different culture! She finds it odd they chose mayonnaise, since she can't think of a single Mexican recipe that uses mayonnaise, but maybe that was the point- to get the Mexican people to try something different! But I guess Cinco de Ketchup and Cinco de Mustard were taken, so we've ended up with Cinco de Mayo!

Miss Ginger's Texas homeland is ripe with the culture of our neighbors to the south, so she is lucky to able to enjoy the Cinco de Mayo festivities at some of Houston's swankiest establishments. This one just REEKS with class!
Miss G can't help but appreciate a party where the lines to get in the door are a mile long, the kitchen is so popular they can't keep up with the demand, and margaritas and beer flow like water, mostly because the machine can't freeze the margaritas fast enough and the beer is flat and warm! Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone! Be sure to put mayonnaise on your tacos in honor of this noble Mexican tradition!


Beth said...

Heehee, you are too cute!

miss alaineus said...

didn't they lose that battle to the french or something? so then using mayo to celebrate would be like still rubbing the victory in their faces like some hundred + years later.......

i so needed the laugh! thanks for the pick me up!


i will post some pictures of the dude later..hesquet!

Bob said...

Actually, in Mexico, they don't celebrate cinco de Hellmans, er, Mayo.
It's just another made-up holiday!

Mark in DE said...

Great post! Mmmmm, mayo....

Joy said...

Love this post!! A friend asked me once what date Cinco de Mayo would be on. I've kidded him about it in all kinds of ways since then. Sometimes I just let it go a few years and then I'm back! Now I'm going to use this mayo thing on him. Thanks so much!


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