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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Miss Ginger's Cameo in the World's Longest Recap!

Through the miracle of Feedjit Miss Ginger has discovered that she's been tagged in what may be the world's longest televesion show recap! On the kinda random site, Television Without Pity, apparently people go in and recap television shows and they are there for the interested world to see. Miss Ginger backtracked through Feedjit and discovered that this random blog has mentioned her on page 10 of it's 23 (yes, 23!) page recap of a show called "Supernatural", a show of which Miss G has never heard. I'm not sure if the show is supposed to be about the Hardy Boys, or if the blogger simply likens the main characters to the Hardy Boys, and I certainly don't have the time or inclination to read 23 pages to find out! (If any of you retirees out there take this on, I'd appreciate a "Readers Digest Condensed Version!)

Anyho, here's the line where Miss G is distinctly mentioned:

Not sure about you, but I don't know of any other overweight drag queens in the state of Texas named Ginger Grant! They must be talking about me!
Anyway, the boys on the show are really cute, so thanks, Damien, for the shout out, and the chance to fantasize about a romp in the sack with either of these 2!


David Dust said...

Wat up Tranny?!?

I have two words for you:



Indigo said...

I watch Supernatural it's usually on at 9:oo Eastern time on Thurs. nights. The guys are definitely something to drool over.

Think Ghostbusters amped up and absolutely cool. They fight demons, ghouls and ghost. (Hugs)Indigo

Coelha :B said...

Lol.... I've heard of that show, but never saw it. Weird about them mentioning your name. Hmmm...

Joy said...

How interesting you were mentioned and didn't know anything about it until now!

Joy said...

I think of Boy G and Miss Ginger as two separate people who BOTH do these things you mention. I know how you each look and see you running errands together, Miss G welcoming Boy G with a glass of lemonade during breaks from gardening and other outside work, and then the two of you relaxing with a glass of wine. So mission accomplished with your good writing and descriptions!

MadeInScotland said...

what a hoot! Is that for real. If so...hunt down the script writer!!

Anonymous said...

So how does it feel to be famous?

mistress maddie said...

Gurrrrllll- if you play your cards right maybe, just maybe they will have you come on in a cameo as Nancy Drew! Whether it's the clean or dirty version remains to be seen!

Wonder Man said...

i would too, they are cute in person


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