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Monday, February 8, 2010

A Few More Pics...

Here's a few more pics of the costume that Miss Ginger has scrounged off of facebook and the internet. You saw the front of the costume in my last post, and I've found a picture now of the back!

First, the inspiration: Casa Batllo, a stunning example of Gaudi architecture and a Barcelona landmark.

Some see it's beauty, and some think it's ugly, but Miss Ginger has to say that photos don't do it justice! She's wanted to do this costume ever since her trip to visit the Casa in Barcelona, and she finally got her chance!

Miss Ginger is pretty certain there is not another bolt of silver eyelash lame anywhere in the city of Houston!

Several facebook friends have posted pics of the entire ball. Check out these albums from Gordon and Ross, if you want to see more of what we do!


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Even better from the back. Awesome costume.

mistress maddie said...

Good Gawd Woman! Do mean to tell me you carried a whole house on your back!!! Very nice! No wonder your alway so damn tired after these things!

mrs. miss alaineus said...


i cant think in 3-D and the detail and craftsmanship i saw in those costumes was A-FUCKING-MAZING!!!!!

i cant wait to hear and see more!!!



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