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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Just Another Sunday....

And here's a message for those idiots at Hallmark:

First off, Miss G HATES Hallmark! Those stores give me the willies! They are always owned and staffed by some wretched "Christian" woman who hires her entire Vacation Bible School class to work for her. They are filled with stupid tchotchkes that are so infuriatingly "cute" and "sweet" that Miss G stumbles out in a sugar coma.

The whole concept is just so contrived.... think about it:

You're supposed to buy a card to tell somebody that you love them.
If your relationship is healthy, you should be doing that every day anyway!

You're supposed to give people a box of chocolates shaped like a heart.
Not an efficient shape for candy packaging! You can get way more candy into a rectangle!

You're supposed to go out for a romantic candlelight dinner.
Miss Ginger eats out almost every night- nothing magical there!

You're supposed to fuck like rabbits.
Are you kidding me?! After all that wine, sugar, and rich food, missy bitch is sure to be moody and have a major headache!

So, enjoy your VD if you must!! Just leave Miss Ginger out of it!


Jimbo said...

Miss G, you are my hero. Happy Sunday February 14. Happy Chinese New Year!



behrmark said...

First and foremost, February 14 is my dad's birthday. Today he turns 80! Trust me, it makes taking him out to dinner difficult because of all the smarmy couples trying desperately to ignite the flames of love over fish tacos. Behr Hugs!

Bob said...

I'm with you on the whole "specialty" of this day.
Luckily, Carlos feels the same.
We don't express our love one day a year with cards and cnadies and dinners; it's an ongoing process.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Love the Miss G heart :o)

mrs. miss alaineus said...

i think ken's blog said 85% of the misery at valentines day (in addition to having blue balls) was perpetuated by women buying into the commercialism of the day.

it's a big sham. i'm glad we don't buy into it either.


David Dust said...

Call me pitiful - but I would like, just ONCE before I die, to receive a Hallmark card from a man who was interested in me. Even if it was bought from judgmental Christian women and their Bible Study class.

Hell, even if it was bought from SATAN HIMSELF. I just want a cute card from a cute papi! I know the "holiday" is fake and contrived - but then again, so am I :)

Oh well...


Miss Ginger Grant said...

DD; Don't let your bitter ole sister bring you down! Someday you'll get a beautiful card from a handsome papi... I just know you will!!!

And there is nothing fake and contrived about you! You're a real as the Dust on my floor!

mistress maddie said...

I can't stand Hallmark either. It is a very creepy place, filled with some tacky shit! Your comment about the sugar coma, LOL! And I told David he should go to the Urges and screw the card! The gifts they have there keep giving and giving!!! Now , that's what I'm talking about!

Mr.Mischief said...

"You're supposed to buy a card to tell somebody that you love them.
If your relationship is healthy, you should be doing that every day anyway!"...exactly how we see things..and we do it every day :)


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