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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Getting Back to Normal?

There's a question mark because nothing is "normal" about Miss Ginger's life!

Regardez le "monstrosite" that has consumed Miss G's life, soul, and garage since October!

One side of the garage was completely out of commission, and the other side was in a constant glitter whirlwind mess!

But it was all worth it in the end, and Miss G is quite proud of the final result! She had an absolute BLAST on ball weekend, and she's so thrilled to have such great brothers and friends who attended the ball and made it all worthwhile!

Many have asked how Miss Ginger accomplished such a feat, so she's going to share her secrets now! The backpiece rolled on casters behind her, and was 14 feet tall.

The skeleton and back panels were made of Styrofoam boards. Just so you know, "styrofoam" is a trademark of Dow Chemical for it's brand of extruded styrene building sheathing. That cheap cooler you put your beer in is not "styrofoam", it's molded polystyrene. Just so you know!

On top of the skeleton is a layer of paper-faced polystyrene board. Miss Ginger's favorite brand is Fome-cor, but there are many!

One of Miss G's "trade secrets" is her method for securing the sheets of styrofoam into their 3-dimensional shapes. Hot glue will melt styrofoam, and white glue isn't strong enough, and doesn't dry well on non-porous surfaces. Plus, the angles need to be braced against lateral force. Many krewe members cut bracing pieces from styrofoam scraps and glue them in place, but Miss Ginger has found it much easier to "floam" each corner with Great Stuff to create a rigid, custom fitted brace for each corner.

Finally, the surfaces have to be decorated with paint,glitter, fabric, jewels, and God knows what else. None of that stuff sticks readily to styrofoam. So, enter #4 of Miss Ginger's "must have" products, 3M Super77 Multipurpose adhesive.
Honey, this shit is the Holy Grail of crafts and costuming! Sprayed on 1 surface, it creates a repositionable bond with a long work time, which dries with reliable adhesion. Sprayed on both surfaces, it creates a "death grip" that is impervious to moisture, water, steam, fog, and abrasion. And when used in an enclosed room, it sends Miss G to her "happy place"!

So, for this particular endeavor, Miss G used:

12 sheets of Styrofoam
6 sheets of Fome-cor
13 cans of Great Stuff
15 cans of Super 77 adhesive
and enough craft paper, bamboo skewers, and hot glue to build an aircraft carrier!
Our ball is a blast, and our gift to the community! Let's just ignore it's carbon footprint, okay!


Mr.Mischief said...

The first couple pics made me wonder why you had a bigass boat propeller in the garage!

Joy said...

Now I know about styrofoam. You really did put a lot of work into this and know so many things about crafts!

David Dust said...

Holy Jeebus -

I had no idea how much work went into this extravaganza. You need a break!!

Or did your "breaks" happen when you were sniffing all those adhesives?...


Zombie Mom said...

I love Gaudi and I love your costume/float!!! What happens to these amazing works of art after MG?

You are clearly an artist of wonderous talent!!

Does your chiropractor know that you wear artchitectural artifices? Just saying-

mrs. miss alaineus said...

floam. . .that's feckin' brilliant! you should write a manual and publish it!!!! stage crews across the world need your secrets!!!

on a serious note, huffing glue once is like the equivalent of drinking 1000 bottles of vodka as far as brain cell damage goes- please take care and ventilate!


recon - using the same tired lie as last time you didnt turn in your homework thinking it just might work . . . .

behrmark said...

My question is how in the world did you transport this work of art to the ball? It's amazing and fabulous - just like you!!

MadeInScotland said...

miss GG:

1 I'd put those tiles in my pool

2 Are those poppers?


Miss Ginger Grant said...

ZM: the creation was donated to a friend who owns an event planning/rental company. She will keep it in her warehouse until someone decides to throw a "Gaudi Party".
Miss A: I was being colorful. Chez Ginger's garage is fully ventilated!
BM: It moved to the ballroom in a U-haul truck in 6 modules, which were then assembled onsite.
MIS: Moi? Poppers?! Never!

mistress maddie said...

Well girl, I would say that was quite the operation there! But the finished product was fabulous-as always!

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Great Stuff is great stuff. Guess I should have guessed there were castors under there.

Anonymous said...

I wish my windmill would of moved as easy as yours, Your costume was great. MBC


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