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Saturday, September 25, 2010

It's Caturday Here as Well!

Since David Dust and Behr Mark have sorta started a "Caturday" theme, Miss Ginger thought this would be a good time to share this little story.

Yasee, Boy Ginger is a bit of a cat whisperer. Not quite as bad as depicted on this obviously gay man's Prius, as Boy G only has 3. But he ALMOST had 4 this week. Almost!

This week, while working in Dallas, Boy G met the sweetest little cat at the Courtyard by Marriott (luxurious, I know!!) When we got home from work Thursday night he came right up to us, meowing and mewing and skinny as could be! Another lady was there and I said "is that your cat?" and she said that it wasn't, but it looked hungry and she was trying to find something to feed it but couldn't. So, Boy G hopped back into the car and head up the expressway to Tom Thumb to pick up a couple of cans of food.

When he first got back, he got a good look at the cat in the headlights and realized that he was a beautiful white color, with tips of tan that made him a beautiful ivory color. Since to this day he's still not sure of the gender of the kitten, he decided "Ivory" would be a perfect name because it could go either way.

When Boy G opened the first can, Ivory came right to him, but seemed to want love and snuggles more than food. He would come right to Boy G's hand, sniff, rub his cheek, circle round, rub on Boy G's shoe, etc... all the flirting a cat does when it wants human attention. As Boy G sat on the curb, Ivory crawled right up into his lap, and even let Boy G hold and carry him! This led Boy G to believe that cat had been abandoned, because a feral born cat would probably not be so friendly.

Ivory was quite a talker, which may be what led to his cruel dismissal. With his sort of seal-point coat and all that vocabulary, Miss G assumes he is part Persian or Siamese, both notorious talkers! He also had clear blue eyes, like a bottle of Windex... another sign of his Asian persuasion!

Anyho, Boy G sat with Ivory until he finally ate, and then petted him a bit more before heading back to his room for the night. He sent several texts trying to find a home for Ivory to no avail. The next day, Ivory was once again skittering around the parking lot of the hotel, and came right up to Boy G as he opened up the second can of food before he headed off to work, and then the airport.

At work, he asked around a bit more to find out if anyone needed an ADORABLE pet, but alas, no takers. Boy G toyed briefly with the idea of trying to bring him to Houston, but there is no way he would ever place an animal in a cargo hold of an airplane, and his mewing from a carrier under the seat would have made Boy G the most unpopular co-passenger in airline history. Keeping the car and driving home with Ivory was quickly dismissed, since Boy G can only drive for about an hour or so without falling asleep. At that rate the drive from Dallas would have taken forever!!!

So, Ivory is left to fend for himself at the Courtyard Marriott on North Central Expressway in Big D. If there are any Dallas GingerSnaps out there who could help find Ivory a good home, I know the GingerNation would be eternally grateful! As Okrah often says: "pay it forward!!!"


David Dust said...

What an adorable kitty!! I hope someone finds Ivory and gives him/her a good home.


Adirondackcountrygal said...

Our new kitty Angel looks just as you described Ivory.

mrs. miss alaineus said...

awwww. i could be the lady with all the cat stickers, plus some more dog stickers and maybe one for a turtle too on my honda but our lease limits us to one cat and one dog.

i still think it's cool you got your own day!


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Stay safe little Ivory.

mistress maddie said...

Ahhhhhhhh, Ivory looks sooooo cute. I guess we will never know it Ivory will find a home, but I'm thinking postive that the poor thing will. I don't know why the hotel people don't take the cat to a rescue.

Anonymous said...

I do hope someone feeds her-maybe the staff will take it upon themselves to help her. MBC


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