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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Happy Burch Day to You!!

When Miss Ginger awoke this morning, she knew that Boy G would be receiving an award from Legacy Community Health Services at their 8th Annual Luncheon.

What she did NOT know is that he would also receive an award from Mayor Annise Parker declaring today, September 21st, 2010 as George Burch Day in the City of Houston, Texas!!!

That's right!! Boy G has his own day!! September 21st!! Learn it, biotches!

Actually, he was truly touched and honored by the turnout today, and by the love and support shown him by his friends, family, and the entire community!! We ended the day with (several bottles of) prosecco at the Boom Boom Room! A delightful end to a delightful day!!

Today was so special, and ya wanna know the best part? Boy G marched right up to that microphone, swallowed his butterflies, and gave the acceptance speech of his life to almost 400 people!! He only had to fight back one tear, and I don't think anyone even noticed!! It was so easy because it was so heartfelt, and even though he had made notes for himself, he barely needed them!! Here's what he had to say:

"On behalf of Macy’s and all my coworkers, I humbly thank Legacy Community Health Services for this recognition, but more importantly, for the great work they do to keep Houston healthy! The commitment and dedication of my friends at Legacy is inspiring, and the work they do is truly what deserves accolades and awards.

5 years ago, when Macy’s expanded to the nationwide presence we enjoy today, the company made a commitment to give back to the communities we serve, at both a national and local level. Among the focus categories are HIV/AIDS awareness, women’s issue, and education: all hallmarks of the programs Legacy Community Health Services provides to Houston’s neighborhoods. It’s extremely gratifying to represent an employer that is so committed to causes that mean so much to the city, and I’m thrilled that through Macy’s Matching Gifts program, the District Grants program, and the Partners in Time Employee Volunteer program, we are able to directly support Legacy’s goal of “Extraordinary healthcare for Extraordinary people” throughout the community. Macy’s nationwide sponsorship of the United Way and the American Heart Association’s “Go Red for Women” campaign also provide support for Legacy’s local healthcare initiatives. We look forward to October, when our Galleria Hidalgo store will host our first ever in-store event benefitting Legacy Community Health Services.

When I moved to Houston in the mid-80’s, AIDS and HIV infection were in still in crisis mode, and the Montrose Clinic treated many of my friends with dignity, compassion, and respect. Today, advance in medicine allow most people to survive HIV infection, and Legacy Community Health Services follows the legacy of the Montrose Clinic by keeping my friends alive with dignity, compassion, and respect. Truly a legacy worth celebrating!

As HIV infection has been managed and controlled with some success in the Gay community, it has continued to infect Hispanic and African American youth at an alarming rate. I’m proud to be able to help Legacy Community Health Services expand it’s care into the Lyon’s Avenue and Gulfton areas of Houston, not only to treat infection in those areas, but to educate the public and stop the spread, as well.

In closing, I’d like to thank Katy Caldwell and Chree Boydstun, and their staff and coworkers, for the friendship and encouragement that they have shown me these past few years. It’s been an honor to work with individuals who care about people as much as the folks at Legacy, and that’s really a reward of its own!"

Thanks to all of you who have left such sweet messages!!


Anonymous said...

Way to Georgie-sorry I could not be there. MBC

David Dust said...

OMG - just reading your words made ME tear up!!!

This honor was well-deserved. You do so much and work so hard - and I'm so glad you were recognized for it.

I so wish I could have been there to support you.


Your Sister



Bob said...

What a great honor for Boy G!
It's good to do good works, but it is alos nice to be recognized for it.

Michael Rivers said...

That is VERY cool!!! Congrats!

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Congrats, well deserved. 9/21 will live in infamy :o)

Kailyn said...

You know that if I had known in advance that today was your day, I so would have been there. You totally rock. Hell. You're a role model in my opinion. Well I am too but you're a positive role model.

buukfairy said...

Wonderful. Houston is lucky to have you.

Mr.Mischief said...

Aww..very very cool!

Joy said...

Congratulations on an honor so well-deserved! This is wonderful!!!


Mechadude2001 said...


mrs. miss alaineus said...

i have friends that squatted in montrose and went to the legacy clinc when they had some health issues. i am proud to count you as one of my personal heroes! congrats on your tremendous accomplishment.


Kyle said...

Congratulations Boy G! Bask in the glory, you deserve it.

JC said...

How cool is that, congrats!

mistress maddie said...

What a beautiful sppech honey! And I bet you were very surprised and even tinkled a little when the mayor came out and announced the George Burch Day!!!!! How is Miss G handling the news? Is she green with envy? You know she will want her own day coming to her!!!! LOL! Sorry so late seeing this, I yet again behind in blog reading....duties call!

AlanTheRealtor said...

brilliant. congrats


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