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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Time to Ketch Up with Miss Ginger!

Damn, Miss G has been a busy gurl lately, and not in a That Girl, Mary Tyler Moore kind of way! She's been way too busy to blog, so here's a round of random updates, if anybody gives a shit:

1.Chez Ginger has the 5-year blues- everything is breaking! Dishwasher, icemaker, upstairs commode- fritz, fritz, fritz!! What a pain in the ass!!

2. Miss Ginger has the- ahem- 29 year blues. Let's face it, our gurl's not getting any younger, and this whirlwind lifestyle is taking a toll on her! She's tired all the time, her BP is up, and she has no idea where her cholesterol and triglycerides are, but they can't be good. And she hates going to the doctor because the diagnosis and treatment are always the same: you're fat- lose weight. Fuck you!

3. Boy Ginger has the workplace blues. The Ivory Tower Bosses are in their "mingle with the little people" mode and have developed an uncomfortable fascination with Texas. After hosting them here in H-town a couple of weeks ago, he's now being sent of to Dallas to help them get ready for a repeat performance. Grrrrr!

In the good news category:
The luncheon honoring Boy G's work for Legacy Community Health Services is coming this Tuesday. Boy G was planning to take the day off from work and make a party of it, but the Dallas trip and a couple of other responsibilities kinda shitted on that. Kinda sucks, really, because last year we had a hoot of a time drinking martinis and shaking the stress off, but time just won't allow this year. There's a few vacant seats- if any local snaps want to come, Miss G would love to see you!

Then in October, the Krewe has it's annual Fais Do Do dinner. It's a big shindig, and worth a trip to H-town if anyone's in the mood to travel! There's always plenty of libations, put Krewe-made cajun food, music, a silent auction, and an art show and sale.

Then, the weekend after that, Miss G jets off to Oakland, CA, to mingle with FABULOUS GingerSnap Nancy and her little mermaid munchkins! Miss Ginger spending the weekend with children should make for some interesting blogging, at least!

What have all you snaps been up to? Leave a comment- Miss G needs to feel the love!


David Dust said...

Goodness, you HAVE been busy. I've been wondering where you've been.

But don't feel sad - most of us would kill to have your glamorous, globe-trotting life!!!


Zombie Mom said...

I have been missing your posts as well. I am soooo excited to see you. You only have one night with the little darlings... but believe me that is plenty for the uninitiated. Kailyn and I taught them the hustle last night- hilarious. Take care of yourself so we can move to NOLA together and live like to old batty drag queens when we get really old like in fifty years!

Beth said...

I'm so sorry to hear that things are so hectic right now! I would say that I hope things will settle down a bit, but of course we'll be moving into the holidays before you know it.

Hang in there, babe, and don't forget to take care of YOU! XOXO

Sam said...

Congratulations on your luncheon. Enjoy your trip to loverly Oakland and remember if you ride the BART be careful they have trigger finger there. Smile HO!!

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

It does suck when things go awry in the domicile, hope things settle down for you soon.

mrs. miss alaineus said...

man i do not envy you with the work pressure right now. nothing like playing tour guide when you have other things you'd rather do with way more interesting peeps.

congrats again on your recognition!


Joy said...

Way to go!! I need to catch up and will be back to do that. I've been busy, too, but nothing like you have! Nothing at all!

Kyle said...

Miss G, so sorry you are having a really bad run of horrible things happening. The doc, house, and work problems happening together probably make everything feel worse, as you don't really get to catch a break anywhere you go. Try to hang in there. You make your own destiny Miss G, and I'm sure it is something much calmer and brighter than this dull patch you are dealing with.

JaneR said...

Pssshhhhttt - when our mommas would buy and appliance they'd be pretty vexed if that sucker broke in the FIRST 20 years of it's life.


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