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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Four Queens Standing!

With the second auf'ing of Carmen Carrera, we are finally down to the last 4 Queens on RuPaul's Drag Race!  After Ru's nasty twist to allow the judges to bring back one of the eliminated girls, Ru stuck to her guns and sent her away again on the very next challenge.  She and Raja ended up in the bottom 2, and they both deserved to be there.
What Carmen did to her boy was just cruel! Granted, Alexis, the winner of the mini-challenge, and therefore the Testosterone Assignment tech for this challenge, gave her one of the butchest looking guys with Chevy. However, rather than trying to conceal the muscles and disguise the tummy, she dressed him up in 2 sparkled pasties and and a pair of rhinestone panties and made him stand next to the like of her!

While it was kind of nice to get to see Chevy's stocky little body, Miss Ginger would much rather have seen it in a jock strap and not much else!

This hot mess was Raja's work, which just goes to prove what Miss Ginger has said all along:  Raja is more genderfuck than drag queen!  Poor Chris looked like an Eastern European washerwoman who was injured while training for the East German Olympic Team, and upon shattering her ankle was cast to the ashes and cinders to scrape by on what she could earn beating clothes against rocks alongside the Volga!  And she walked like her ankle was shattered, too, partially because Raja put her in a pair of spiked mules!  WTF?!  Every drag queen knows it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to walk in a backless shoe when you are wearing pantyhose!  What was she thinking?! And don't even get me started on the styling!

Alexis thought she had it in the bag when she chose Slava for herself, and this pretty boy made a very pretty girl, as well.  Slava himself commented that his Europeaness made him particularly "Metro", and he flirted shamelessly with both boy and girl Alexis.  Miss Ginger is pretty sure this show represents some sort of turning point in Slavas life.....    Just sayin.   And to that, Miss Ginger says: "Call me, sweetie!  I'll turn you every which way but loose!"
So, Manila and Matt won the challenge, and each get a cruise to the Bahamas.  I can't hate on Manila- she did what she knows, and she took one of the most rugged looking jocks and dressed him appropriately to meet her theme while still covering his boy-looking parts. The first rule of drag: decorate the parts that look like a girl, and cover the parts that look like a boy!!

So,GIngerSnaps:  who do you think will win RpDR?  What do you think of Raja? And where do you think Ru found all of those (a-hem) "straight" jocks?


mistress maddie said...

As much as I like all the girls, I still say Raja or Manilla will take the win. Although I have really grown to love Yara, who I featured today as the Grande dame and she seemed to be very popular with people. In all honesty Raja, Venus D-Light and Mimi Imfurst should never really been on here as they all are already well known queens in their areas of the country. Raja could carry off being in Ru's shoes, but I think Manilla will take it!

mistress maddie said...

OHHHHHHHH And Slava? Was he not cute as hell? And what a stunning queen! And Fushia seemed right at home in heels too. He was also cute. You take one, and I'll take the other girl!!!!!

behrmark said...

It was about time Manila won a challenge. I'm lovin' her.

Kailyn said...

All through the behind the scenes with Slava, I kept asking myself, "Are y'all sure he's straight?"

Bob said...

I was glad to see Raja get knocked down a peg.
I didn't have much hope for Yara, but after Maddie posted some pics of her, I wished she broguht that kind of fierceness to the DR.
Alexis doesn't do much for me.
That leaves Manilla, who, by virtue of default, should win.

PS Slava and Matt were hot hot hot.

Dan said...

I think it is going to be Raja and that kills me. Not fond of all that attitude.

I agree completely that this was a turning point in Slava's life.

And the boy who one, i would have killed to see him in a jock strap!

Didnt one of them even pop wood?


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