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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Busy Beaver!

Queen Ginger has been a busy, busy beaver this week, and she can't believe she's just now getting a chance to catch up with all of her adorable GingerSnaps!! 

This crazy week started with Houston's annual "Bunnies on the Bayou" party in the downtown Theater District. For the past few years, Queen Ginger has been a donor to this philanthropic event at the "Camp Bunny" level, so she gets a tent to shade her delicate pate, resplendent with a private "sal de bain" lest she have to stand in line behind the 3,000 other guests to do her "lady business"!  Yes, there were over 3,000 beautiful people at this year's record breaking event! 

Queen Ginger and King Tony, clever Royals that they be, re-used some of the elements from their reveal backpieces to create a stunning place to "let them eat cake"!  Captain Bill provided cakes, crumpets, and tidbits for the masses as Queen Ginger and King Tony greeted, meeted, and otherwise hobnobbed with the hottest guys in Houston!  Don't believe me?  Check out the pics

Next up, Boy G co-hosted the unveiling of his newest pet project, the "Pathway to our Legacy" campaign, benefiting Legacy Community Health Services

Boy G is excited, proud, and honored to co-chair this campaign with Ben Montalbano,  a good friend and a great contributor to our community.  The event Thursday night took place at the gorgeous post-modern home of Ben and his partner Jim,  and included leaders from virtually every organization active in Houston's GLBT community and the Montrose neighborhood where the new building resides.  Most exciting is that the campaign allows individuals and groups to leave a lasting impression on our healthcare legacy for a little as $100, with a donation at the Sidewalk level.  Folks are already stepping up in droves to contribute to the campaign in memory of friends, partners, and family members who have died from or are living with HIV/AIDS, or have otherwise been helped by Legacy's services.  The Pathway and Plaza levels are $250 and $500, respectively, and there are also 8 lighted benches to be sponsored, at a donation of $5,000. Better hurry, though, because 2 have already been claimed- one by Miss Ginger, and one by Boy Ginger's generous employer!! There's only 6 left, and they will go quickly!

Friday night, Queen Ginger and King Tony were invited to perform at "Marty, the Montrose Art Party" benefiting the Healing Arts Program at Art League Houston. Although Miss G can barely draw a straight line with a ruler, she LOVES what the Healing Arts Program offers its clients, and she had a great time meeting them, seeing their work, and entertaining the crowd! 

Saturday is "errands" day at Chez Ginger, and Sunday has become "cook for the week" day, so the rest of the weekend is kinda shot. Then, all of next week will be a blur as Miss Ginger prepares for one of her most important events of the season, "Derby Day", her signature event benefiting Legacy! 

With all the interest in hats generated by the Royal wedding,  the Big Hat Contest is bound to be a major hoot!  Queen Ginger promises there will be lots of pics next weekend- but until then,  she may be a little scarce as she prepares herself and others for this big shindig!


mrs. miss alaineus said...

now this is the kind of royal buzz that i am interested in!

can't wait to see the hats!


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Phew, I am exhausted just reading. Have a great 7th, get some rest on the 8th, then lets Party :o)

Michael Rivers said...

Very busy!!! Have fun!

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