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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Incredibly Busy!!

WTF?!  Queen Ginger is just not important enough to be THIS busy!!!
So much has been going on that Lady G just doesn't know where to begin!

First of all, it had been HEINOUSLY hot here in Texas this summer!  And DRY!!  In this soggy, humidity-ridden part of the state, we have actually been asked to ration water and reduce our dependence on electrical energy! The City of Houston has given us specific watering days (Sunday and Thursday for you detail queens!) and  ERCOT  has warned of record weekend usage, possibly requiring rolling blackouts over the weekend!  How will Miss G dry her luxurious red hair?

Additionally, social obligations have been off the charts!  It started with the HRC Gala at the beginning of the summer, and it hasn't let up yet! Last weekend was the Krewe's Trash Disco Party, and Queen G is STILL soaking her feet from all of that "boogying" and such!

 On top of the social obligations, Boy G has been INSANELY busy at work, all in a good way, but there's never any rest for the winners!  Southern Decadence will be a "no go" for the G's this year... WAY too much going on, and too insanely hot to even consider attending! It's been a while since she's missed it, but this year, it's not in the cards!

And on top of all else,  the Queen decided her carriage did not befit a sovereign of her stature, so she has spent much of her online time as of late considering the options for new royal conveyance.

She's landed upon a model named after Amurca's 16th President,  and Queen G is proud to "Ride Amurcan", even though she knows it was assembled in Canada, from parts made in Malaysia!  But the engine and transmission were made in Amurca, dammit, hand assembled with loving care by migrant workers from Mexico!  It's as Amurcan as apple pie! 

Lest my dear sister DD think she is going to get a ride to Gristedes after my trip through the tunnel (above), that is NOT the CDQG (Carriage de Queen Ginger)!  Her's is a more royal bronze tone, with a limited interior only found on a a select few vehicles!  And ALL Royal Carriages MUST be named, so look forward to a photo tomorrow so you can share your opinion of a title befitting such a luxurious machine!

Speaking of luxurious, Miss Ginger finally got a tour of the FABULOUS new Legacy Montrose Clinic she has been working so hard to help fund! Actually, "luxurious" is probably not an appropriate word to describe the practical, efficient facility that has been built to LEED compliance, but for the Legacy staff that has been scattered across the far-flung, under-spaced facilities, I'm sure it will feel like a dream come true!  Not to mention the clients, who will now have comfortable, spacious, private waiting rooms reserved for their specific needs!  There are separate facilities for primary care, eye care, dental care, pediatric care, behavioral care... 3 floors of care, plus administrative offices all in one place!  Both Queen Ginger and Boy Ginger could not be prouder of the "baby" they have worked so hard to produce, along with countless others in the Houston community who understand the need for this crucial care!

If you're so inclined,  plan on attending the Grand Opening ceremony on October 16th!  Miss G is pretty sure she can score you a VIP tour!!

So, our busy gurl gets to put on her scrubs tomorrow and help Boy G clean out the garage!  We can't expect that beautiful machine to bake in the hot Texas sun now, can we?!


Joy said...

You really are busy! This makes me tired and yet exhilarated at the same time! Tell us all the bells and whistles the royal carriage has! Wow!

mrs. miss alaineus said...

i can't wait to hear more about your new ride!


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Looks like a worthy carriage!


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