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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Deconstructed Bottle Chandelier

Here's an "up-cycle" Miss Ginger recently created from "deconstructed" S. Pellegrino bottles.  It's a new technique she is perfecting, so expect to see more like it coming up! Click here to see her post on "deconstructing" bottles.

This "chandelier" is made from bottle segments, an old lamp shade, and some Christmas lights.  Since she had no pattern or directions, it's taken a few days as she has worked through the kinks, but here's the general idea.

The base is the wire frame of the lampshade, with the fabric removed.  Because she needed one more strut in the center of the frame, she lashed a couple of brass rings from the craft store onto the frame with paddle wire.  The frame hang upside-down, to the largest ring is at the top.

A paint can lid serves as the hub for the chains that  hang the chandelier.  This chain from Lowe's was easy to bend with pliers, so links can be removed and added without bolt cutters.

After hanging the frame at a comfortable height for working, she added the glass tiles, linking them to the frame with 1" binder rings from the office supply store.

Each tile overlaps the previous, and each binder ring goes through 2 tiles. Starting on the lowest, smallest rings, Miss Ginger worked her way around each row until the entire frame was covered.  

 With the tiles in place, she went back and strung the lights inside, running the wires through the binder rings.  Next time, she will put the lights on first, and do a better job of concealing the wires and keeping the bulbs in a consistent orientation.  

Now it adds a cozy little glow to Nog's little outdoor room!

1 comment:

Beth said...

Wow, that's amazing! Perfect for sitting under on a warm summer evening, cocktail in hand!


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