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Friday, January 18, 2013

Craft Room... Part II !!

It's been a while since Miss Ginger has had a craft post on the blog, but it's not because she has been lazy!  On the contrary, she has been slaving away night and day, through 2 weeks of vacation, to get the Craft Room finished and ready for daily use!  You've already seen Phase One,  and since she hasn't had to while away hours this year creating Mardi Gras finery, she's taken advantage of this gorgeous Texas winter to finish Phase II of the Craft Room!  It's lovely being in the workshop this time of year, so she started back in November and has been at it every chance she's had since then!  

She started by laying out the rough pieces in the garage to get the general shape of the project built out....
Once she had the general size and scale laid out, she consulted with Chief Draftskitten Shelby to ensure the plans were accurate, detailed, and on budget.  Miss Shelby is a stickler for coming in on budget!

There were measurements to measure, fittings to fit, and orders to be ordered, and there has been months of chaos and excitement around Chez Ginger as the pieces were assembled!

Now that the paint has dried, Miss Ginger couldn't be happier with the results, and she is thrilled to show you Part II of her magical craft space!  

You may think it's a desk, but you'd only be half right.  By day, 'tis but a trusty desk, with plenty of room for paperwork, a laptop, and a purring kitten curled up on a pillow.  But, by night, this clever desk transforms into an all-inclusive sewing center, with a hydraulic lift for the sewing machine, as well as a pull-out ironing board and a sliding platform for the serger!  Shelby and Ginger designed it, and Boy G and Nog built it, and the whole family could not be happier! 

Miss Ginger plans to spend this weekend canvassing the house for all for all of the crafts supplies and tools that are tucked in every nook and cranny, so they can all be relocated into their new home in the all inclusive craft room!  There's a few more bits and pieces that Miss G pull together for you in the next few posts, but meanwhile, drop her a comment and let her know what crafts you'd like to see on these pages! 


Coelha :B said...

WOW!! Nice work!! :)

mrs.missalaineus said...

beautiful work!


Bob said...

I don't sew but i want one!
It's very cool!

Joy said...

Neat!! I'm turning one of my bedrooms into a craft room. You are inspiring!

Beth said...

Amazing! Good job, all!


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