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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Between the Sheets!

Miss Ginger spends a lot of time between the sheets... and she's not ashamed to admit it! Unfortunately, she spends most of that time sleeping, and the rest snuggling with Princess Shelby, so get your minds out of the gutter!!

Momma Ginger was a fanatic about sheets,so Miss Ginger learned a lot about them from her. Momma G once told her "Ginger dear, you probably won't grow up to be much of a looker, so you'd better learn to keep a spotless house if you ever want a man!"  Well, jokes on her-  'cause I'm a knockout, I don't WANT a man, and my house is immaculate! 

Momma G was a white sheet gal- only white sheets, always washed in bleach.  5 boys at different stages of puberty... bleachability was a high priority for her! Miss Ginger, not so much! But she and Shelby appreciate the sanctity of "clean sheet night", and look forward to it every week!

One of the best things Momma G taught Miss Ginger is how to fold a fitted sheet. Can you do it?  Let's see if you are doing it right!  (Sidenote: do you know how hard it is to fold a sheet and take pictures of yourself doing it?!) Anyho, you start with a mess like this, fresh out of the dryer ("Don't let them sit in the dryer", says Momma G. "If you do, you'll never get those wrinkles out!"
Now, here's the fun part:  locate one corner, and hang the sheet over your left fist by that corner, like this:
Now, follow the edge of the sheet down from your fist to the next corner.  Put your right fist on the outside of that corner, and turn it inside-out as you bring your hands together. Once it is inside out, nest it inside the first corner.  Do this 2 more times, and if you do it right, it will look like this:
Now I'm going to lay it out on the dining room table so I can take pictures.  You may be able to do this part without laying it out, but really, it's so much easier to lay it on the bed or a table at this point....
Now, take the edge closest to you, and fold it up, lining up the straight edge on the right side (and concealing the messy left side within the fold!) Now, grab the far side and flip it over, placing the folded edge away from you. This brings this squarest side to the bottom.
Smooth everything out as best you can (no need to be OCD at this point) and fold it toward the middle, in thirds.
Fold the right third over the other two, making a nice, neat package.
Fold it one more time away from you, and you're done!  Nice and neat, ready to stack in your linen closet!
I've got lots more "sheet shit" coming your way, so stay tuned!


Bob said...

I start out just like you do, but I've never tired laying it on the table to get a nice even square fold.

Genius, I tell ya, genius!

And Momma Ginger was right about the wrinkles!!

Beth said...

I came across this comic a while back, and it had me and a friend laughing so hard we were crying.

I only buy cotton sheets, too. They're so much more comfy, I think. I hate cheap percale sheets that get those little fabric pills on them. [shudder]


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