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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Ragu Goes Alladin- The Pintester Movement Post!

When Miss Ginger learned of "The Pintester Movement" she new immediately that she must participate, and she knew immediately which pin she would try to duplicate!  She had seen the Moroccan inspired Ragu jars on hundreds of boards, and felt pretty confident of her ability to pull this off.  While it may not really be in the spirit of the Pintester Movement to take on a craft she's already good at, let's face it: what ISN'T she already good at! I mean, the cards ARE kinda stacked in her favor. Still, it gave her the opportunity to knock off a craft  be inspired by another artist AND participate in an event of epic proportion, one sure to take the internet by storm! 

So, she printed off the "inspiration photo", left, and assessed her ownership of the required materials.

In the photo, the color on the glass seemed much more transparent than the paints Miss Ginger owned, so she made a trip to Michael's to get some glass stain and the gold paint to make the "metal" parts.  She didn't have any spaghetti sauce jars (Miss Ginger would NEVER serve jarred sauce!) so she grabbed a couple of pickle jars from her stash. (Miss Ginger LOVES pickles!) 

When she went back to the original pin to research the kind of paint originally used, she discovered that the pinner had committed the CARDINAL SIN of pinning- rather than linking her pin to the actual post about Moroccan inspired jars, she linked her pin to the title page of her enitre fucking blog!  Bitch!  Ain't nobody got time fo' dat!  There was NO WAY Miss Ginger was going to sift through 10,000 posts about this chicks wedding just to find out what kind of fucking paint she used!  "We'll just go with what we have", thought Miss Ginger, "I'll exhibit the true Pintester Spirit®!" 

Initially, Miss Ginger decided not to use a paper pattern to create her design- she didn't want it to look "perfect" or "machine made";  it should have an "old world" look, with patina and shit.  Yeah, no worries. The first attempt went into the trash. Miss Ginger knows when to admit defeat! 

So, for her second attempt Miss Ginger created a paper pattern inspired by the yellow jar in the photo.  She placed it inside the jar and brushed the gold paint on from outside, but when she pulled the pattern out: UGH! This paint was NOT covering the jar- it was just sliding around on the surface, creating little golden slime trails as it went.  Clearly not the right paint, but also clearly not going to be replaced at 10pm after most of a bottle of pinot grigio! It wasn't looking as metallic anyway, so Miss Ginger had the BRILLIANT idea to throw some glitter on it to help the paint cover.
That kinda worked, so Miss G went with it. She didn't have much choice at this point!  

After she got it all glittered she passed out went to bed, and got up the next morning to put the color on. 

This turned put to be a big hot mess, as well.  The "glass stain" that Miss G got at the craft store was runnier than, well, um.... I can think of an acceptable simile for something really runny!  But trust me when I tell you, this shit was runny! (oops, it happened anyway!) As you can see in the photo, this paint, too, kind of smeared on the surface of the glass. It was completely impossible to get even coverage. Miss Ginger let it dry, hoping a second coat (and more pinot grigio) would improve the final product.

Having gained a little confidence by fucking up when she tried to "follow the directions", Miss Ginger grabbed another jar and started to dab on gold gilt like a pro!  Once she got the "dabbing" technique down pat, she was pretty pleased with the appearance of little gold dots, and dabbed the night away, without a pattern, she might add! Well, the pickle jar DID have that little barrel-vaulted thingy at the top that ALL pickle jars seemed to have, so she sort of followed that, which seemed to work. So confident she became, in fact, that she decided to set in some paste "jewels" that she had in her crafty stash.  By now, our girl was positively giddy with the anticipation of OWNING this craft! 

After the gold paint dried, Miss Ginger used her regular glass paint to color the spaces between, with much greater success.  She is pretty happy with the way this one turned out, but she realized she had taken a LOT of poetic license up to this point, and hadn't really produced anything that looked like the original photo, so she grabbed another jar and tried, in earnest, to replicate one of the jars in the original pin.  

So, here's the side-by-side, folks:

Whadya think?  Pass or fail?


Jodee Rose said...

I like the blue one, it kind of looks steampunkish.

Katherine said...

Excellent. I love it. And Miss G.

Renlish said...

Totes pass! I've got this one pinned as well but I never seem to remember to keep my jars long enough to remember to clean them let alone paint them.

xx Ren

Tracy said...

Looks great!

Sonja Foust said...

Oh my gosh, WHO CARES if they look like the original pin-- They are FABULOUS! Awesome job!

caroline said...

GAH! I really hate it when people don't pin correctly! And even worse that pinning a whole blog is any pin that goes to tumblr. Grrrr.

These are cute. And you're funny. Good combo. ;)

Sara said...

I like the one with the jewel...super cute! :)

Darlene said...

This is one of my favorite Pintester attempts! You've inspired me to give this a shot. Great job!

Beth Caudill said...

I like the far left one. Super job.

Heather G said...

Wow, Miss Ginger sure did a great job! Love these!

Amber E said...

These are awesome! And pickle jars make much more sense to me, since they always stay sort of dilly. As my Mom always says, "You can take the pickle out of the jar, but you can't take the pickle *smell* anywhere."

Zoe Crowston said...

I think they look pretty awesome and you're really funny. :D I think they are a pass

Laura said...

I like them, they look very much like stained glass windows to me! I've got a ton of jars saved up for some nebulous "project" or something, maybe I should give this one a go since you made it look so good!

Beth said...

Great job, Miss G! I knew this would be a funny post, and you didn't disappoint!


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