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Monday, December 21, 2009

Look What The Mailman Brought Miss Ginger:

JEWELS! Glorious jewels!! Aren't they just GORGEOUS!???

Unfortunately, they are not real, but neither is Miss Ginger, so what do you expect?

She got a big FABULOUS box and she's so excited she could just pee!!

There were almost 2 pounds of assorted craft quality flatback jewels- these are sold in bulk real cheap and can be glued onto craft projects and the "disposable" parts of Mardi Gras costumes, etc. They have to be sorted, and you get no choice in what you receive, but it's a lot of sparkle for not much money!

She also ordered an assortment of costume quality sew-on jewels. These are ordered by color, shape, and size, and can be stitched onto permanent costumes that will become part of Miss Ginger's fabulous stage and party wardrobe. And, they give our girl a chance to exercize her favorite OCD trait: organization!!!

Is it pitiful that a plastic box of acrylic faux finery can bring a gurl such joy?


Kailyn said...

Oooo. Pretty shiny things. Ummm. Did you say something?

MadeInScotland said...

Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but they don't bring enough rainbow colour. Your package looks a lot more promising!

Howard said...

I see nothing wrong at all. But then again, I get giddy when I think of a better way to arrange my CD collection...

miss alaineus said...

i'd be right up with you on that sorting!!!!!

nothing like faux jewels to take the dinge out of a grey winter's day!


Bob said...

I am bedazzled by the jewels!

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Hope you can stay focused with all the shinyness around :o)

Dan said...

LOL!!!! Miss G, you make me smile!

Mark in DE said...

I like shiny, sparkling things! ;-)

mistress maddie said...

They are pretty aren't they. I think we are just easily distracted by shiny objects!

Sam said...

Well If I had the means, without a doubt Tug would buy you as many diamonds as you could stand. You are a one priceless ho!!
Joyeux Noël!

Joy said...

Sparkly baubles to make you smile! Sounds like a great day!!

Very Merry Christmas, Miss Ginger!!

Kyle said...

Miss Ginger Grant may not be real to some people, but she is to me. All you have to do is believe in her and she is real, just like Santa, another huge philanthropist and performer, that some people don't think is real.

Find joy wherever you can Miss G. I think it is terrific that you can find so much joy in something so small and seemingly insignificant. I love shiny, sparkling, things, so you had me at jewels. Have fun with the new bling!


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