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Monday, December 7, 2009

Jock Sightem!

Today, Miss Ginger worked at the store in the Galleria, and at 3:30, as is her habit, she went to the little cookie hut to get a large diet coke. Well, who should she see pushing a baby stroller through the Galleria: Kris Brown, the kicker for the Houston Texans!! Not only did she see him, he actually pushed his stoller right up behind Miss Ginger and waited his turn to buy cookies for his little rugrats! Oh, he is GORGEOUS!

Miss G "met" him once before when he did a PA at what used be "Houston's favorite department store" before it became "America's favorite department store." So she's had her eye on this hottie for quite some time. She's not sure why, but there's something about the sight of a hot guy pushing a pram that just butters her bread! I guess it's those maternal instincts coming through. And I'll tell you, that's a face a mother could love!

But, there's more than a pretty face! Check out those arms!
And, he gives a lovely shape to those tight, shiny football pants, ne'st ce pas?

Miss G scoured the internet and couldn't find one, so she will offer the "GingerSnap of the Year" award to anyone who can come of with a shot of him shirtless! And no photoshopping!!!


Michael Rivers said...

He IS cute!! Very nice.

behrmark said...

Oh Miss G! I know exactly what you mean about a hot stroller daddy! GRRR!

Mr.Mischief said...

I thought they only had prams across the

And for a word verification, I did readat post...

David Dust said...

Gorgeous! And I used all my DavidDust hottie research powers, but couldn't find a shirtless pic. Which is a damn sin, because that man should LIVE shirtless.


Dan said...

No Ginger snap for me! I looked and dound nothing!

Wonder Man said...

He's cute

mistress maddie said...

Girl you got good taste! And it doesn't look like he is hurting much "DOWN THERE" in those football pants!

Mark in DE said...

Yeah, what they said above. :-)


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