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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

... and the H8ting Begins!

It's was inevitable, really. Yet still, Miss Ginger is quite dissapointed in the Houston public's response to one of Ms. Parker's first actions as Mayor of Houston. Cue the trumpets: the battle is beginning!

Here in Houston there is an archaic law on the books that says the Mayor must be sworn in on January 2nd. This year, January 2nd falls on a Saturday, making it part of a long holiday weekend. Ms. Parker, in consideration of the expense and hassle it would take to have City Hall workers and Houston police work overtime on a holiday weekend, has opted for a private swearing it ceremony to be conducted by City Judge Steven Kirkland, who is also openly gay. A smart, responsible decision, right? Not to mention, totally the prerogative of the Mayor-elect.

OMG, you would think she has decided to paint City Hall pink and replace the fountains with live go go boys! Read the "comments" below the article from the Houston Chronicle! Of the 57 comments, most are speculating "secret backroom deals" , "games", and "hiding in the closet." Jeez, Louise, people!! She has opted to have the legally mandated swearing in privately on Saturday, so that the money being spent for the swearing in of the rest of the City's elected officials, scheduled for Monday, doesn't have to be spent twice!!!

I'm sure Annise knew and considered carefully the scrutiny and criticism she would face when she took on the challenge to run for Mayor. It just hurts Miss Ginger to have to look at all this ugliness in the face! I'm pretty sure Annise doesn't follow TFBOMGG, but if you do: "God love ya, baby! Stay strong! Don't let the h8ters get you down!"


Bob said...

It didn't take long for the Gay Card to be played, even though it's obvious she chose the private swearing-in to save the city some cash and allow city workers to have their long weekend.

Be strong, Annise!

Howard said...

Just keep in mind no matter what, those h8ers would be out en force. If she held a big public to-do on Saturday, they would be complaining about the fiscal irresponsibility. Stand strong, Houston, Annise and Miss G! Just as I have faith the majority of voters made the right choice, I also have faith the h8ers will continue to find outlets to express their fear of moving their minds out of the dark ages.

Michael Rivers said...

So silly!! Howard is very right. It was a no-win situation.

Dan said...

She will weather this storm and many more that are going to come. She will prove that she deserved the job.

Mark in DE said...

H8ers will always find something to h8, no matter how ridiculous it makes them look.

Timmy said...

Can you imagine the backlash if she HAD done a big event on Saturday? Timmy & Calvin *heart* Annise Parker.


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