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Saturday, December 12, 2009

She's In!!

Not all precincts have reported, and it's been a close race, but the Houston Chronicle has announced that Annise Parker has an "unbeatable lead" against her opponent in the race for Mayor of Houston, Texas!!!

Wow! An out lesbian voted in as Mayor of our nation's 4th largest city! There are many who thought it never could happen in Texas, but we believed, and it has come true!!!
I don't think Annise is a reader of TFBOMGG, but if you are: "Congratulations, darlin'! You deserve it and we are all damn proud of ya!"


Michael Rivers said...

That is great to hear!! YEAH!!

David Dust said...

I've been following the race on Twatter this evening. Such great news!!


David Dust said...

BTW - I think the official endorsement of the "DavidDust Editorial Board" (me, Oscar and Dusty) was what put Ms. Parker over the top. Just saying...


Joy said...

I heard this on NPR this morning and thought about you! She said she was the first (pause) graduate of Rice University to be elected mayor of Houston. Gotta love her sense of humor! Congratulations to her and to Houston!

Sam said...

Last night coming across the AP wire it was obvious only one news source made it late breaking news.
Everyone else had just a small one liner under the Tiger Woods story.
Still a huge step forward.

Dan said...

Congratulations! Have you picked out your inauguration gown yet?

Wonder Man said...

so happy for her

Mark in DE said...

Whoda thunk?!?! Congrats to Annise and good for Houston!


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