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Saturday, December 5, 2009

It's Done...Finally!

Okay, decking the halls was a 2 day project! Oye, vey, glad to be done! It was a hassle but totally worth the kafuffle! And, it's worth the time since it can stay up until the end of February! Yasee, clever Miss Ginger chose a Mardi Gras theme for her tree this year! So, the tree can stay up, the garland on the mantel can switch from pine to magnolia, and voila! Happy Mardi Gras! She is SUCH a clever gurl and is very proud of herself right now!

The tree itself a a sight to behold! It features the Frog Princess and Frog Princess as King and Queen of their own Froggi Gras Krewe!

And on the mantel, the Frog King is being entertained by a line of Flying Monkey Chorus Boys! Hey, Christmas is all about fantasy, so it works! And it's all embellished with lots of peackock plumes and glitter, glitter, glitter! Glitter fruit, glitter morning glories ( Miss G's favorite flower, BTW!) and glitter balls!

Miss Shelby is pretty proud of herself, too! Being the outdoorsey gurl that she is (?!) she just LOVES trees and branches! Of course, she thinks trees and branches come out of the attic in green Rubbermaid® totes, so her viewpoint is a tad skewed! Still, as soon as the boxes came down (maybe she's on to something?!) she pulled a loose branch of garland out and made it her own! God love her, she has not let that thing out of her sight all day! She sleeps on it, chews on it, and plays with it! If I had known a piece of green plastic tinsel could make a cat so happy I would have thrown her bone a long time ago! Jackson, of course, is WAAAAAAY too cool to be caught playing with a fake tree! Besides, he's busy hunting empty toilet paper rolls, his favorite prey!
Did I mention how much the kitties and I love the holidays?!


mistress maddie said...

Girl, what a beautiful tree that is! Just stunning! I love the color purple, the balls on your tree, not the movie, but I do mostly red on our tree. Some friends of ours nicknamed it the Amtersdam tree! And what a evil look on Shelby's little face. If anyone EVEN thinks of swiping that tinsel branch-look out!

Zombie Mom said...

Do you want to adopt me? I do dishes, windows, grocery shop, earn a kick ass living, match make and hang decorations as directed?

Totally beautiful

Michael Rivers said...

The tree looks great!! I need to take photos of mine yet.

David Dust said...

OMG - Girl, that is GORGEOUS!!! And I absolutely love the whole Mardi Gras theme.

My coworker usually leaves her tree up until February anyway - maybe I should clue her into the whole "Mardi Gras Tree" thing...


Sheria said...

I love the tree! It's beautiful. I'm a big fan of purple; after all, it is the color of royalty. The Mardi Gras theme is sheer brilliance. I've been thiinking aboujt just leaving my tree up year ound and switching out the decorations, like red, white and blue for July 4th. Of course, then someone would mistake me for patriotic.

"Tommy" said...

Great Tree... FAB U LOUS!!!!!!!

Bob said...

What a gawgeous tree!
of course, I'd never expect anything less from you.
We've never really done a theme tree, unless you count "Put the damn ornaments up, I need another drink" a theme.

theminx said...

Wow, that's a stunning tree! I love the Mardi Gras theme - very clever that you can leave it up for a couple of months!

miss alaineus said...

techically, you can leave it up at least until feb 2 because some ultra catholic holiday called candlemas happens then.

and i love the tree. i went to a festival of trees once and yours tops anything i saw at the hudsons christams fantasy floors as a child hands down.


maddie has a great point about shelby. what hesod!

miss alaineus said...

to not let this awesome, gift of a lifetime word verification go unused, your tree is facking awesome!!!!


Mr.Mischief said...

Normally I like the sparsely decorated trees, but your tree lokks damn good, I love it!

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Surprised it only took two days. Looks fabulous :o)

Sam said...

Miss G that try is amazing. I love it. Pretty!!!!

Joy said...

Festive and lovely! You really are fabulous!!

I have decorations for theme trees I've had in the past. I even wrapped empty boxes to match one of the trees. Maybe next year I'll do something like that again. This year I'd like to skip Christmas.

Kyle said...

That's the holiday spirit! Miss G, I love your tree and decorations. The purple is stunning.

Shelby is adorable. Looks just about like George(our cat) does when I'm putting up one of the trees. Perched and poised.

knitguyla said...

Miss G, you have outdone yourself! The tree is spectacular. I couldn't decide where to admire first. Enjoy the season!

Mark in DE said...


Anonymous said...

Looks great Miss G-your house is decorated for christmas and the afterball party. MBC

Jimbo said...

Absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!

MadeInScotland said...

Wow, OMG Miss GG.

You put our tree to shame.

Do you think you might just be able to squeeze something else in that space what I saw?



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