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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Checking it Twice?

Not so much! Miss Ginger isn't doing much shopping this year, and actually, all that she is going to do was done today in one fell swoop at the grocery store! She's not doing the whole "gift exchange" this year with anyone, so there's not a single gift to wrap! Her gift to the friends and family who choose to share Christmas with her will be laughter, spirits, friendship, and a lovely traditional English Roast Beef dinner, with a bit of a Cajun twist! She can't help it- her cooking just turns out a bit spicier than what anyone in England could call "traditional"! She's also going to make another traditional English side that she's not done before: Yorkshire Pudding!

To tell the truth, she has made them before, only she called them by their common American name: "popovers". There's a few differences in the way "Yorkies" and popovers are made and served, but Miss G feels confident enough with her experience and technique that she can make them for a holiday meal without any worry. I think sometimes Yorkshire Pudding is made as one big dish kind of like a souffle, but the recipe Miss G has chosen makes individual servings that will ensure each guest gets plenty of crispy crust!
I'm not sure why the Brits call them "puddings", although I do know a pudding is much more than the blob of thick Jell-o® slop that we call pudding in the US!
What are you doing for Christmas this year?


Michael Rivers said...

If Minnesota does not get the horrible blizzard (worst in 30 years), I will be going back to South Dakota to spend Christmas with my family. I can't imagine a storm like that. We'll see.

MadeInScotland said...

Puddings are the old, traditional heavy desserts that are typically steamed or baked. When I was a child we never referred to dessert; only pudding as a generic term for dessert. But of course, pudding is a specific type of dessert. Including, of course the famous spotted dick!

Yorkshire puddings I suspect because they are made from batter. Dunno' really.


miss alaineus said...

i'm making two dozen deviled eggs to take to various gatherings.

we are also not exchanging but i think we are going to look at streetfinder map atlases after on the 26th to see if we can get a good deal on something we can use for geocaching.

the yorkshire pudding sounds FAB. if it's made with butter i am sure i would LOVE the hell out of it.


whatsamattah, you not playing with your new toy from santa???? oi, yoboke it already??

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Sounds like a wonderful gift to all you guests. We are doing Christmas Eve with my folks, then Christmas morning just Beth and I, and then to her families in the afternoon. Then it is another week off to goof around the house.

Mark in DE said...

Sounds like you have a wonderful Christmas in store. Enjoy!

Kyle said...

Miss G, Stan is at his mom's in PA and won't return till after Christmas. I'm spending tomorrow evening with friends, at their holiday party a few doors down. The 25th I'll be at our adoptive family's house for their celebration and gift opening with their kids. Have a Merry Christmas Miss G!

David Dust said...

Tomorrow I'm baking cookies with Mama Bunny (which ought to be quite the adventure). On Christmas Day the entire family will be going over to my brother's house. And then I'll be getting together with some of my oldest friends over the weekend.

At some point I'm going to need to make time to do some laundry.

Merry Christmas!!! Love you!!!!


Joy said...

That sounds like a great Christmas! I'm going to Mother's tonight. My son, his wife, their son, and I will spend the night and have a relaxing day tomorrow. Tonight my brother and his family and my cousin Sally and her husband will be there, too. Oh, and another cousin and her husband, too. Finger food tonight and gift opening.

Joy said...

Oops, then Saturday I'm going to my daughter's for a few days.


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