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Monday, December 14, 2009

Sewing With Miss Ginger!

Those of you who have followed TFBOMGG for a while know she is quite an accomplished seamstress, and makes most of her own gowns and tents! Each year, there's one special outfit to be made for her Mardi Gras ball, and now's the season! Sewing is a skill she picked up gradually from Momma Ginger, and Miss G still gets lots of help from Momma G when she sews today!
Some of you who have lost important people may know what Miss G's talking about- they are with you always and "talk" to you all the time! Momma G talks to me most when I am cooking, sewing, or contemplating an illegal left turn! "Don't even think about it! If it were safe to turn left they wouldn't have made it illegal!"

When Miss Ginger takes on a sewing project, Momma G is with her every step of the way!

"That lame' is going to be a bugger to sew! How about a nice Ultrasuede® instead?"
"You'd better pin that! If you try to sew it freehand, you're gonna have a mess on your hands!"
"Make sure you press that flat before you go on or you're gonna have a lump you'll never get rid of!"
"Just cut and sew it and get all the seams in place. I'll put the hems and zipper in while you're at school!"

Okay, she doesn't so much say that last one anymore, but damn, I wish she would! Miss Ginger HATES putting in zippers!

So, Momma G watches over Miss G's sewing table with a mentor's eye, and pops thoughts into my head constantly as I work through project after project. She may not be here to help physically, but she helps in her own heavenly way!

And, here on Earth, I have 2 other helpers to keep me in stitches, as well!

If you've ever tried to sew from a pattern, you know that they are notoriously confusing!!!

"With RIGHT sides together, pin coat upper front along welt line, matching small dots, as shown, fig. 1a. Baste, stitch, and trim within 1/4 inch."

WTF?? Miss Ginger has NO patience with "patternspeak".
However, apparently "patternspeak" and kittehspeak" are quite similar, and Jackson picked up on it quite quickly. He absolutely LOVES patterns, and "reads" them endlessly whenever they are avaialable. He's teaching this art to his sister Shelby, as well!

It comes in quite handy, really! Jackson is great a keeping my cutting line, and he points it out and stays focused until I get all the pieces cut!
Shelby, on the other hand, has the attention span of a gnat, and really can't be bothered to carry the torch of the family art forward!
Being the nature lover that she is, she must rather while away the day making love to her "shrub"!
What was the last craft project you attempted, and how did it turn out? Pics?


Kailyn said...

Now you're making me want to sew. Love the patternspeak.

David Dust said...

If you need two additional assistants, I can send Dusty and Oscar. Although you'll need to stock up on Vodka and Friskies...


Miss Ginger Grant said...

Kailyn: I'm a 20 W, but a 22 feels so good, I usually make a 24!!!

DD: What time does their flight arrive? I'll pick them up at the airport!

PS: I have to work in Jersey City the first week in February!

Bob said...

I always thought your Shelby was gorgeous, but I don't think I'd seen a picture of Jackson up close.
Just gaw-geous!

Now, as for sewing? i leave it to Carlos to mend darn and fix. He's far more patient than I.

behrmark said...

Jackson and Shelby....omfg that is TOO cute, Miss G! As for sewing I don't. If something needs mending I toss it and buy new!

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Kittehs can be so hepful :o)

mistress maddie said...

Great post girl! And I don't know why, but Jackson's expressions always crack me up! He always looks cranky.

Beth said...

wonderful post Miss G!!! Makes me want to get my maching out again...its been getting dusty these past few months and I think its time to bring my my inner designer!


Kyle said...

Miss G your assistants look diligent, but I'm not sure they are interested in helping you, at least not the way you want. Jackson and Shelby are adorable. You are very lucky.

Mark in DE said...

What is it with cats wanting to sit on stuff? My cat Pouncer will sit on a plastic bag for chrissake!

Beth said...

The kitties are so cute, and it's so sweet that they want to help you! XOXO


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