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Saturday, December 12, 2009

The "Homosexual Agenda"!

My dear friend David Dust reminded all us Houston Bunnies and 'snaps to get out and vote today, and in his plea he referred to Annise Parker's opposition accusing her of furthering "The Homosexual Agenda"! Check it out on David's Blog! What a hoot- those idiots give us credit for being WAAAAY more organized than we really are!

Here is the REAL "Homosexual Agenda"!
9am: Get up late. Again.
10am: Coffee. Toast. S,S,S.
10:30am - 11am: Do hair (own).
Noonish- Show up at work.
1pm - 4pm: Do hair. (clients)
4pm-5pm: Drink wine at work and gossip with coworkers.
5pm: Go to bar, drink more wine, and gossip with coworkers.
8pm: Meet up with other friends at bar. Go eat mexican food and drink margaritas.
10pm: go to sleazier bar to find a hookup.
12am: leave sleazy bar frustrated because there were no suitable hookups.
12:30am: drive through Jack in the Box.
1am: pass out in the bed.


mistress maddie said...

All those were the days......and still are. Except the hook up! You are so funny girl. Good luck to Ms. Parker!

David Dust said...

I much prefer YOUR "Homosexual Agenda". Especially the Jack in the Box part, which made me scream so loud I scared the kitties.


Timmy said...

@David: I ate @ Arby's on Tuesday and thought of you!

Michael Rivers said...

Isn't that the truth!! I know that's how I will spend my Saturday.

Joy said...

Too funny!


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