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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Greeting from Planet Hollywood!

Wish you were here! Really, Las Vegas would be a great place for a GingerSnap/Dust Bunny convention!

Miss Ginger is staying at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino, which used to be the Aladdin Casino, one of the cheesiest of Vegas casinos! The left hand photo shows the building in it's Aladdin days, complete with enormous plastic "jewels" bedecking every imaginable surface. The renovation is nothing short of amazing, and the new casino and hotel are among the hippest, trendiest spots on the Strip!

One of the shticks of this place is that each room is decorated with movie memorabilia instead of tacky hotel "art", and wouncha know that Miss G's room exalts a movie of which she's never heard. On the wall in a plexi showcase is a red dress that Whoopi Goldberg wore in her 1996 film "the Associate". Have any GingerSnaps seen it? Was it any good? The film also starred Tim Daly and featured Lani Kazan and Bebe Newirth, so it can't have been all bad! There's also a showcase with one of Whoopi's "People's Choice" awards in it, which just goes to show how much the stars of Hollywood treasure those chunks of acrylic!

Miss Ginger has also been warned by her people that there is a tall, handsome truck driver lurking around town trying to stalk her. She'll be wearing white shades to try to remain incognito, but those of you who know here best know secretly she's DYING to have a real life stalker!! Maybe this will be the weekend!


Michael Rivers said...

Love Las Vegas!! Hope you are having fun!! I would love to stay at this hotel next time I'm there.

David Dust said...

As a former employee of the Hard Rock Cafe, I am AMAZED that Planet Hollywood and the Hard Rock casinos are two of the hippest casinos in Vegas.

As far as the memorabilia in each of the rooms - celebrities "donate" it to Planet Hollywood in exchange for a press event/photo op. For instance, maybe Whoopi was promoting a new movie or TV appearance, so they arrange a press event at Planet Hollywood where she "donates" her old People's Choice award. Over the years, the various P.H. must have accumulated thousands upon thousands of celebrity items.

Finally, as far as your truckerstalker goes, I REALLY hope he finds you.


Kailyn said...

Seen "Tbe Associate" a few times. Whoopi plays a woman working on Wall Street whom can't seem to catch a break so she invents a new boss -- a white man. When people keep wanting to see him, she dons makeup and becomes him. It's OK if you're looking for something light.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Great location. When we were out there a number of years ago, we came very close to buying a half share in PH, odd years, since we have an even year extra at our Florida time share. Enjoy and be kinda good :o)

Joy said...

Have you and Tug gotten together yet? Hope you have because I'm looking for a full report of the fun you two will have!

Sam said...

Ms Ginger, I called you and left a message. How am I suppose to stalk you if I cant find you. do you know how many queens there are down on the strip these days? I'm trying again tomorrow. Try to wear some flashy so I'll know exactly who you are.

mrs. miss alaineus said...

tug and ginger painting the town! i love it!

vegas would be a great place for a meet-up, it's one of the few places you can fly in/ out of on easily from almost each and every hub in the US.


Beth said...

Yeah, there's even a direct flight from South Bend to Vegas! One day...!


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