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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Is Blogging Passe?

Have social networking sites like twatbook and twizler deemed blogs too cumbersome and hard to maintain? Will weblogs go the way of the illuminated manuscript?

Miss Ginger brings up the question because she has noticed a significant downtrend in blog traffic over the last year or so. She was bored, so using LinkWithin (add it if you don't have it!) she kind of rambled aimlessly down memory lane through her blog, and it made her realize that the activity around here is just not what it used to be!

Her follower count has remained unchanged for God knows how long. She been holding steady here at her current number with no real signs of a turnaround!

Comments are down, and some commenters have stopped chiming in all together! There are some long, lost friends out there in bloglandia... Miss G certainly hopes they are okay!

And, she realizes that her own participation has been sporadic as of late! It's not that she doesn't still ADORE blogging! It just that, since developing a crack-like addiction to facebook, she finds herself keeping up with the goings-on of the world in succinct, one-sentence status updates, instead of composed, thoughtful blog entries!

But, after reminiscing through her own blog today, she was reminded of what a unique opportunity they are! As online journals, they truly do become "logs" of our being, and form a diary of our thoughts, our growth, and our progress through this thing called life! But unlike diaries that were hidden away under lock and key, these journals are meant to be shared with like-minded individuals who appreciate our humor, our insight, and our point of view. They becomes the chronicles of friendships that reach across barriers, borders, and oceans of distance! They bring together the minds of young and old, black and white, gay and straight, or any number of other opposites that seem to attract across this electronic pen and paper!

So, if you've been blogging for a while, keep it up! Your knowledge, humor, insight, and point of view are unique, valuable, and worth sharing! If your blogging has slowed as of late, I hope this post becomes your inspiration to recommit to a rhythm of posting, be it daily, weekly, or even monthly! If you've been a wallflower in the background, reading without sharing your comments, you're missing half the fun! Miss Ginger urges you to sign up for a free blogger account and start leaving comments! You may even eventually be inspired to start a journal of your very own!

And finally, if you've been following TFBOMGG for a while, Thank You, and please stay tuned! There's lots more to come!


MadeInScotland said...

I'm a lot less active, but it's due mainly to the new house. Thinfs to do, and I just don't sit at the computer like I used to...


ÐƎΓΓΛ ƁƎΓΓƎ© said...


mortonlake said...

good points one has come to expect.i am as bad,my blog sort of just about keeps going.facebook is to blame in some part,but while bloggers like yourself keep flying the flag,it will take care,best wishes,mort.

mrs. miss alaineus said...

i think the fact that summer has slowed down the work drama feed for my blog. i try to keep up on comments but then i realize i have cut down on that as well. i also know i've skipped word verification which was fun and i need to get back to that.

notslag- mistakenly identifying someone as a hooker


David Dust said...

Summer and/or the Holidays tend to take people away from their computers and/or blogging.

But I also find that my traffic goes up/down in direct proportion to the amount of posting I do. The more I post, the more traffic I get. So the fact that you aren't posting as much as you used to probably explains the drop in traffic.

BTW - if blogging never existed, I would have never met you and so many other fabulous people. I don't care if people are giving it up for that evil BookFace, I love it.


Beth said...

I hear ya, sister. My posting has been down, but I'm trying to step it up a bit. I don't see myself ever wanting to stop, because I enjoy putting words together and making them come out nice. ;)

I think David is right--the more you post, the more traffic you get. Commenting is definitely down, though, and I know that I don't comment as much as I used to.

Keep hanging in there--I always find you fun and entertaining and a big sweetie! XOXO

Mr.Mischief said...

I trailed off due to working on homework for school(still getting all A's so far) and generally enjoying the house, yard and garage while the weather is enjoyable.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

I find it hard to keep up with Facebook, so much traffic. I still enjoy blogging and reading. Try to keep up, but it is a struggle at times. Looking forward to more entries from you :o)

mistress maddie said...

This, girl is a interesting post girl! I think facebook has hit blogs alot. And I agree with Mame on the summer and vacation thing, althought, I don't know about the not posting thing. When I was away, my traffic for some reason went way up and so did the followers. I also didn't post all weekend and picked up four more! I also have a feeling it might have to do with the content of the post itself. Like hot guy post are way down. There a dime a dozen on blogs. People like to read a glimpse of other peoples life. So I have a feeling there is no reason for what the hell happens! And don't worry I still love your blog and I aint going no where! Love ya girl!

Lisa said...

I agree with DD on how the blog-sphere has allowed me to connect with so many wonderful people that I would never had the opportunity to "meet".

Thank you for reminding me/us that our little posts do offer a glimmer of our life to those that do follow and to those that just stumble upon our sites.

I know that your posts always make me smile and have been known to cause spontaneous reactions that the other half doesn't always understand.

Keep up the posts and we will follow along!

Sam said...

Even though we never did get to meet. I've always been right here waiting on whatever you decided to blog about.
I'm with David I'm so happy to have met all those here in the blogworld including you Beautiful!


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