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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Not Much News....

It's been kind of quiet here in GingerLand lately. Not really quiet, actually sort of busy... just uninteresting!

There are a few things going on around town that Miss G thinks you might find interesting, however.
First, there's Lois- the corpse flower blooming at the
Houston Museum of Natural Science. Corpse flowers are quite rare, and take their name from
the stench they emit to attract the beetles that
pollinate them. They are so named because they supposedly smell like a rotting corpse. Friends who have seen it say it smells like dead fish. Neither description really endears Miss G to want to go see it, but it's all so "Little Shop of Horrors" that Miss G has enjoyed following the news of its daily progress!

Far more interesting to Miss G is Zac Stayton, the adorable horticulturalist who is charged with Lois's daily care. Miss Ginger's gaydar went "ding ding ding" when she first saw
pictures of Zac, but a quick search on facebook found that we
have no mutual friends, which would be virtually impossible if he were even slightly gay. No one can stalk like a drag queen in
heat, honey. Trust!

Now, here's a miniseries waiting to happen, straight, er, directly from Miss G's "only in Texas" file. In the town of Wharton, Texas, not far from the big H, firefighter
Thomas Araguz was killed in the line of duty battling an "egg farm inferno". I can't make this shit up, people! Read the article. After serving omelets to half the state, his widow Nikki (with the chic shades and dazzling red nails in this pic) went about the process of collecting her
inheritance, including a $600,000 benefit given to the heirs of firefighters killed in the line of duty.

But here's where it gets juicy! Enter, from stage right, Simone Longoria, mother of the fallen hero, claiming that Nikki has no rights to the inheritance because she is a transexual!! Apparently, Nikki was born a man, and the late Capt. Thomas Araguz's family claims that he was unaware of that fact when he married her! They claim that the inheritance should go to the Captain's children from a former marriage, and have obtained a court order freezing all assets until a hearing can be arranged.

Now, Miss Ginger has to insert a couple of opinions here. First off, Nikki must have had one
HELL of a surgeon if he created a vagina so convincing that the captain was unaware it wasn't natural! The man had 2 kids with another woman, so he's seen at least one real snatch in his life, and even though transition surgery goes a long way toward making a person feel more comfortable in their own body, the technique is literally "filet o' penis" and the resulting "love nest" is really more for show. And in 2010, Miss Ginger can't imagine that any man would marry a woman without a "test drive". C'mon!

Now, perhaps his family did not know. Really, what business is it of theirs? He loved her, and married her, and that's that. Now, with assets frozen, she is not even able to pay her rent and utilities. It's a shame, really.

Now, enter hero #2, Phyllis Randolph Frye! Phyllis is a fixture in the Houston gay community, truly a hero in her own right!

Phyllis is a pioneer of transgender rights here in Texas, and was probably the first transgender person young Boy G every saw in real life when he moved to Texas from his small hometown in south Louisiana! Back then, Phyllis was an outspoken civil rights "hell raiser", and was a little rough looking as a recently trangendered individual. Today, I think she looks quiet sweet and grandmotherly, but she is still a strong advocate for civil rights and a has dedicated her legal practice to the rights of transgendered individuals.

So, Phyllis is on Nikki's case, and they are hoping to undermine a Texas legal precedent that says a person's gender is determined at birth and cannot be changed. God damn, this state is so backward!

And, while I'm invoking His attention, let's all say a little prayer for Zsa Zsa Gabor. Miss Ginger has adored Zsa Zsa since she was a little girl, when she would watch Green Acres with her brothers. She thought Lisa Douglas was one of the prettiest ladies on TV, and so funny, too! Those marabou negligees have been a source of inspiration ever since! Unfortunately, I don't think she'll be climbing any more telephone poles, so let's keep her in our thoughts!


Beth said...

I read about corpse flowers before. Weird, intriguing things! Cool that Houston has a blooming one!

Dahlink, I have to tell you that Lisa Douglas was portrayed by EVA Gabor, not Zsa Zsa. I always thought Eva was sweeter-tempered than Zsa Zsa, and had a bit more natural beauty. Eva passed away back in '95.


Miss Ginger Grant said...

You're right.. it was EVA I adored! Screw ZZ- I heard she was a bitch!

David Dust said...

It's a Sunday Fagments post!!!! :)

You're right, Nikki's trannysurgeon must be the BEST EVER. But actually most straight men don't really care much where they stick it - as long as it's warm and wet.

Glad to see you blogging again.


Anonymous said...

I also had no desire to see or smell Lois. I feel sure that the firefighter's wodow will win in court w/ Phylis Frye's help. I think her family is just being greedy and is jealous. MBC


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