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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mimi Imthurd... get booted from RuPaul's Drag Race.  And it was time for her to go!!

I'm sure Mimi's a really nice gurl.  Really. But, the poor thang has issues, God love her!  I hope she gets the therapy she needs to deal with abandonment issues, self-esteem issues, body image issues, self-confidence issues, back issues, reissues, and private issues.  She made herself extremely unpopular among the other transtestants.  And honey, if the drag queens don't like you, ain't nobody gonna like you!

So a quick rundown of how it happened:

In the Quickfire Dragdown challenge, Ru challenged the girls to create "girl group" costumes in teams of 2, and one team of 3 to even it out, using nothing but black leotards and colored duct tape.  Mimi immediately railroaded that the big girls be on one team, much to Stacey and Delta's dismay.  Howe'r it was, they went along with it, all the while Mimi ranting about creating some Judy Garland extravaganza out of pink duct tape.  When it went horribly wrong (Delta: "I look like I'm wearing a big pink garbage bag!"), Delta takes over and at the last second pulls something together.  Carmen and Manila win with a cute little workout getup, complete with duct tape iPods and headphones.

As Ru continues the theme, she tells the girls they will divide into teams of 2, lead by the iPod twins, to create  inspiring workout videos.  To help them, she brings in Susan "Stop the Insanity" Powter, who, if Miss G recalls correctly, invented the advertising format we know today as "infomercials".

Anywhore, the big girls turn as white as Susan's bleached hair at the thought of a workout challenge, and all the girls get busy selecting exercise devices, donning leotards, and creating dragdiculous schticks for the video.

Really, they were all a hot mess with, only a couple of funny moments.  Everyone seemed to think Alexis's "stretch and gloss" was funny, so Miss G will go along with it.  Beyond that, the show stealer was Stacey with her "sit and shake",  where she sat holding a "Shake Weight" in one hand an a chicken wing in the other!  Now THAT's drag comedy!

When it came down to the runway, Ru excused the middle girls and kept the top and bottom 3 on stage, like Heidi does at the beginning of PR when the flock is still huge and unwieldy.  Ultimately she whittled it down to Mimi and India, for having uninspired workout routines and boring presentations.  The judges maul India for being overdone, and rake Mimi over the coals for being unpolished and unfinished.  In an attempt at camp during the lipsync, Mimi nails her coffin shut by lifting India like a flower sack and hauling her to the back of the runway.  RuPaul was horrified by this act, but hearing India screaming "Put me down, you crazy bitch!" was a classic drag moment.  Still, Mimi was chastised by Ru that "drag is not a contact sport" and was sent packing.

So, who's watching?  Who goes next? Who will win? Can Stacey get her shit together and survive another week of mediocrity?


Bob said...

I liked Mimi....LIKED....but that whole Picking Up a Drag Queen Like It's The WWF was too much.
And, yes, Stacey eating the chicken while shakin' was the best. I really want her to step it up.

behrmark said...

Because I don't have cable (I know, huh) I caught up this morning on Hulu. I was SO happy to see Mimi go. Hated that bitch. Ironically, I was under the impression that Delta did a smiliar routine as Stacy's only to ONJ's "Physical" with a Twinkie...the snack food darling, not the skinny hairless creature. I digress.
I really like Delta...I think she has class, she owns up to her weaknesses, and asserts her strengths. I also adore Raja who I think is spectacular without being over the other words, no fake titties for that girl she just works what she's got!

theminx said...

I keep forgetting to watch! Thanks for the recap.:)

Joy said...

I'm watching. Mimi just has too many issues and was getting on my nerves. Who do you hope wins?


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