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Friday, February 4, 2011

Pathway to our Legacy...

Miss Ginger has taken a few moments from the drifts of glitter in the garage to catch you up on a few things going on around here!  It's been a crazy week!

Last night,  Miss G had occasion to dine at Reef, co-owned by the extremely handsome and uber-sexy Bryan Caswell, of Iron Chef fame!  A perfect choice for comfort food on a cold night, Miss G chose a dish Chef Bryan calls "Redfish on the Half Shell", which is a redfish fillet cut so that the skin and scales remain on one side.  The fish is grilled, scale side down, and the skin and scales get crispy and create a "shell" from which the fillet flakes away.  Simply divine, but the side with which it's served- Fried Mac and Cheese- is even more divine!  You'd think such a thing would be greasy, but what Reef serves is a brick of crunchy on the outside, rich on the inside goodness that is comfort food at it's finest!  Chef Bryan came over and spoke to our hostess for the evening, and he is just as sweet and cute as can be!

And since Miss G mentioned bricks, she's reminded to tell you the purpose of the evening!  Miss Ginger was invited by Str8upwithatwist, whom some of you may know as an occasional blogger, his neighbor Ben, whom Miss G adores, and his co-worker Robin, whom Miss G had not previously met. What Miss G did not know was that Timmy's boss, Katy Caldwell, Executive Director for Legacy Community Health Services, was to be our hostess for the evening.  Miss Ginger LOVES her some Katy, so she was thrilled to see her at the table!  Katy is a cat lover; she travels extensively; she knows a lot of the people Miss G knows:  needless to say, Miss G and Katy can gab on for hours about nothing!  But tonight, we had something special to talk about: Katy asked Miss Ginger and Ben to be co-chairs of Legacy's upcoming "Pathway to our Legacy" capital campaign!! You all know from reading TFBOMGG that Miss G is always ready to help out Legacy, so of course she was thrilled and honored to be part of this milestone!

Currently, Legacy operates it's main clinic in one building in Montrose, an eye clinic in another building across the neighborhood, and it's administrative offices in yet a third small building.  Support functions are scattered among the 3 buildings to make use of every inch of available space, and Miss Ginger has visited the facilities and seen these dedicated folks working in some really close quarters and tight spaces!  

Next September, however, Legacy will move it's main clinic, eye clinic, and all administrative and support functions into a beautiful new, state of the art, LEED compliant building! With all that extra space, they'll even be able to add dental services, to provide even more patient services to the Montrose community! The building is under construction and progressing nicely, and the capital campaign continues to ensure the construction is fully funded!

The "Pathway to Our Legacy" concept is a "paver campaign"  that will create the actually pathway to the clinic and cover the courtyard, as well.  Still in the planning stages, the campaign will give individuals, organizations, and companies an opportunity to show their support for the organization or preserve the memory of a loved one.  Miss Ginger will share more details as they become available!

Meanwhile, she has a Mardi Gras ball to prepare for and only 7 days left to get ready!!!


mistress maddie said...

Your one buzt diva of late and I'm glad to read you surivied that big storm of ice you got. How ever did you get through it darling!?! We are to get another snow and ice storm tommorrow....again. Now you get the ball gown done girl!

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

They picked a great person to co-chair. I am sure you will help them over the top.


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