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Friday, March 16, 2012

Do You Remember?.....

......Melissa Sue Anderson from "Little House on the Prairie?"

All that fresh prairie air must have been kind to her because she looks great today!

That prairie air was great for more than just the kids!  Even though Pa Ingalls didn't fare so well,  look how great Karen Gassle, who played the mother, looks!

How about Nancy McKeon, who played Joe Polnicek on "The Facts of Life?"

She's looking better than ever as well!

Some did not fare quite so well. Remember Irene Cara from "Fame?"

She grew up to be Maya Rudolph's mother, I think.

The Captain and Tenille where America's Sweethearts back in the Love Boat days, and even Momma G knew the words to some of their songs!  Poor Tenille looks like she grew up to be the wife of an orthodontist rather than a former pop star! And "The Captain?"  He looks like he's been selling hot tubs and garden sheds out on Highway 6!

The men did not fare well, at all.  Check out former B-52 cutie Fred Schneider, who apparently developed that nervous disorder where you pluck your eyelashes out....

Perhaps the most unfortunate is Donna Douglas, who played Ellie Mae on what, IMHO, was  the funniest television show of all time!  If you've ever wondered "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?", here she is!

And what about the most FABULOUS movie star ever?!  A beauty and talent beyond compare?!
Naaah, that's just Tina Louise, a bedraggled old TV star who played a movie star on TV!

 Here she is!  Looking timeless, radiant, and youthful as ever!  Check out all the other "ageless wonders" on TMZ!!!

Meanwhile, check out one of Miss G's favorite new numbers:


mistress maddie said...

Oh poor Donna Douglas. After a certain age the long hair has got to go. It just does not look right on older women. And Ginger Grant still looks smoudlering, both of you!!!!!

Space Truckin' said...

I always preferred Mary Ann...


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