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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Just Teasing...

Hot Tranny Mess is the only way to describe the condition of Queen Ginger's updos after a season's worth of crown head!  The only thing that will tear up a wig faster than shoving a rhinestone crown into is is pulling the same crown back out, and as you can see, these 2 girls, once Miss Ginger's signature coifs, look like they've been rode hard and put up wet (that was one of Daddy G's favorite sayings!)

So, it's been wig week at Chez Ginger.  Queen G does not particularly enjoy wig week.  She's a seamstress, not a hair burner, so her wig keeping skills are not the best.  Still, there's no loss in trying to fix these 2 bird's nests: the worst she can do it not make them look any better, in which case their fate will be the same- garbage can!

Wig week starts with a good washing.  We start with a sink full of laundry detergent and warm water, to break down all the spray, sweat, and makeup.  After that, baby shampoo helps rinse out any remaining detergent, and then a good rinse with lots of cool water.  A good shake in the shower gets a lot of the water out, and then they hang upside down for the remaining water to drip out, and for the entire thing to dry.

Working with synthetic hair is NOTHING like working with human hair! Human hair has natural oils and moisture that keep is soft and manageable, and your hair grows from the follicles in consistent sections, allowing all of the hairs to collect into locks, which can be formed into curls, sections, etc. by your hairdresser. 

Synthetic hair has no oil or moisture- it's like thousands of tiny pieces of curling ribbon all tied together at one end.  Because there is no oil to help the hairs slide along one another, and no moisture to keep the strands from becoming stiff, trying to get a comb through the stuff is dang near impossible!  A teasing pic like this is about the only thing that will go through it, and to make that work, you have to start with a small section at a time, working from the ends to the crown, taking longer and longer strokes until all the fibers in that section are separated.

It takes hours to pick through a wig in this manner, which is why "wig week" is so tedious!  There is one product Queen Ginger has discovered that makes the process easier- and it's right on the shelf at your local drug store! 

"No More Tangles" is a spray-in conditioner designed for children's hair, but Queen Ginger has discovered that it help replace some of the oils that synthetic hair is lacking, allowing the strands to slide along each other better, and allowing them to cling together to form locks that can later be sprayed into place.  It's a godsend, especially for wigs that have become really frizzy and matted.  It happens. Trust!

Once the wig is untangled, the sections can be managed and arranged to create your style.  Each lock can now be separated and sprayed to create a curl or section.  Always use a spray made for synthetic hair, for 2 reasons.  1st, synthetic hairspray is sticky, and will hold the hairs together to form a lock. whereas regular hairspray won't.  Secondly, synthetic hairspray dries with a crystal shine that makes synthetic hair look natural and lifelike.  Regular hairspray makes a wig look dull, like straw- or Lindsay Lohan's hair.

As disclaimed earlier, Queen Ginger is not the best coiffure artist on the drag circuit. But, I think you'll admit by looking at the before and after, she did save the 2 dos from the trash heap!




mistress maddie said...

What a great post! I remember being in the throws of drag and the clean up of all the wigs!!! I was always famous for all the hair pieces I would use, from doves, to flowers,feathers and plumes, to sea shells, to butterflies, you name it. They totally wreaked havoc! We use the same methods of cleaning too. Once cleaned each wig went on its form head and in it's own box to be stored. I didn't style mine to it was time. But some were pass help and headed up in a bird's nest I'm sure. I still have most though. I still have about 18 different wigs.

Kailyn said...

Gurl, we so need to go to my favorite shop here in the East Bay where you can find human hair on sale for the cost of synthetic. Synthetic is a last resort.

Miss Ginger Grant said...

Oh, no, Kailyn! We NEVER used human hair for drag.... it just isn't done! It looks too real and natural! Plus, you just can't get the height with human hair.... it's too heavy!!

mrs.missalaineus said...

i have some pretty bad beauty school memories of working on wigs. you are not giving yourself enough credit here- you are friggin' genius with this stuff!


Bob said...

The Girls look Good!!

Joy said...

That was interesting. You did a great job! Love before and after pictures!

Beth said...

Whew, what a job! Beautiful results, though!


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