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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sooner or Later....

... it had to happen.

After a first term of relative calm as the first lesbian mayor of America's third largest city, Mayor Annise has become the target of ridiculous accusations from an offbeat radical of the religious right during her second term of office.

Recently, Parker has come under attack by the pastor of a supposed "megachurch" here in Houston, but, quelle surprise, even after googling it, Queen Ginger has never fucking heard of it!  Apparently, it is somewhere on the edge of town, with satellite locations at the other end of town and in, of all places, San Diego, CA!  Here in the land of megachurches, you've got to be pretty damn big to outshine Pastor Joel and the clan!

Actually, this time it's some asshat named Riggle- isn't that perfect- and he's up in arms because Parker has joined with 160 mayors of America's most progressive cities to call for legalization of gay marriage. 

Riggle, ignorant of the way the law works, holds forth that Mayor Parker is "not upholding the constitution" by calling for gay marriage, and that she should step down if she can't uphold the constitution as it is written. What a moron!

I guess in the 9th grade he was so busy with his nose stuck in a bible that he missed the part of civics class where we learn that the constitution can be amended, and that open discussion and dialogue sets the groundwork for those amendments to be written.  If Parker were performing gay ceremonies or signing same-sex marriage contracts, then perhaps she could be accused of not upholding the law, but she is not doing those things.  She is using her right to free speech, and using the machinery built into the constitution to keep it up-to-date and relevant.

Queen Ginger finds it funny that Riggle and his little 3,000 member congregation keep themselves up at night worrying about this shit!  Parker is serving her second term in a city of over 2 million people, a majority of which voted for her- twice- fully knowing that she is  lesbian, and fully knowing that Kathy, her wife, would serve as the city's "First Lady".  

How much time and tithe will the religious right piss away before they realize that are fighting a battle they can't win?!  Perhaps we should fight fire with fire and do it the Fred Phelps way... let's throw a party outside of every Catholic Funeral Mass and celebrate the fact that we are now one step closer to voting in gay marriage!

On second thought.... let's take the high road!  It's just a matter of time!


mistress maddie said...

Boy, it really is a night of GCB'S!

Beth said...

The world is changing, and they can either accept it or get the fuck out of the way.


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