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Friday, March 9, 2012

Presidential Visit

POTUS BHO is visiting Houston tonight to grub for money greet his constituents at 2 grand events in the Bayou City, one at Minute Maid Park and the other at the River Oaks Swankienda of the only Democrat on Kirby Drive.  Miss Ginger, unfortunately, chose not to cough up the $38,000 tariff, fearing it could ultimately cut in to her Cristal fund, but she is supporting the Prez in spirit.  Not so the rest of River Oaks, who have been bitching up a storm about traffic snarls, and accusing him of using AF1 as his "personal limousine".  Okay, assholes, here's Miss Ginger's take on that:  first of all, it IS his personal limousine!!  It is specially designed to be the only safe method of air transport for the POTUS, and it's not like anyone else would want to risk being a passenger on the same plane if he chose to fly coach!  Plus,  rewind a bit, you idiots:  the citizens of the US footed the bill for 16 YEARS of your precious Bush and Shrub jetting back and forth to their little place in Kinnebunkport and their little camp in the hill country!  So shove that in your bong and try to keep it lit!

Queen Ginger is not sure why President Obama feels like he needs to raise money in Texas for this election anyway.  The republicans in Texas have already donated MORE than enough money to ensure he wins the election!!

And, as you can see, we have welcomed BHO to Houston with some of that only-in-Texas, rain-so-hard-you-can't-see-your=hood-ornament weather, so perhaps that has something to do with the traffic snarls?

We are in for 5 more days of this mess, and the Queen has a tummy bug anyway,  so there's going to be lots of snuggling and tummy rubs for Princess Shelby this weekend as the 2 royals "fly the sack" for the better part of the duration!

What's up in your neck of the woods? Any new Olive Gardens opening any time soon?


S'A said...

You've made some very good points! Enjoy your weekend! (and no, no Olive Gardens for us.)

Beth said...

I remember having that conversation with my Dad. He was grumbling about the Pres using AF1 to fly to New York. I was like, "Dad, he's the President of the United States. He can't just fly coach!" ::sigh::

So funny that you posted about the Olive Garden thing. I saw that the other day and was just delighted. I lived in Grand Forks for five years, and that review is a perfect example of midwestern nice, also known as passive-aggressiveness. She wrote lingeringly (and definitely sarcastically) about the decor of the place, which means that the food was shit. LOL

It was a little hard for me to fit in there at times...I certainly made a lot of friends and was sorry to say goodbye to them, but I can sometimes be a little more direct. I think I still have plenty of the midwestern nice thing, but the UPPER midwestern nice is a whole 'nother breed. Think of Jerry Lundegaard's wife in "Fargo"--the lady who gets kidnapped. It's not like everyone is that clueless, but that sort of "oh ya" thing is definitely going on!



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