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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Chicken Choking.

This photo of the World's Stupidest Woman and her incredibly creepy husband has been making the rounds on the internet lately;  what many may not know is that it was taken right here in Texas,  in a Stepford-like bedroom community north of Houston.  The Cuntessa of Cray-cray was in town to stump for a republican tea party candidate whose name I won't publicize.  You think they look bad here, with Todd's cheap-ass, poly-blend perm-prest cheap ass Wallymart shirt, check this out:

Cowboy boots with a knit dress?  She's dressed like a hung-over UT co-ed who's late for class.  

It never ceases to amaze me that people actually hand her a microphone,  much less invite her to speak, or show up to listen to her!  Miss Ginger is not sure why her followers feel the need to listen to her: they know what she's going to say because it never changes.  

She was quoted as saying she wanted to choke down some Hate-fil-A while she was in Texas because they don't have it in Alaska.  I suppose she's tired of the value menu offered at Blubber King.  Miss Ginger hopes the boycott against Hate-on-a-Bun continues-  in the past, when she used to eat, there,  every time they replied to her polite "thank you" with their cultish, over-rehearsed "my pleasure", she's wanted to grab her crotch and say in her best porn star voice: "I'v got your pleasure right here" before she glitter bombed them and dumped her Diet Coke on the floor.  But that would be a waste of the world's most important liquid, so she controls her anger.  

Miss Ginger's disdain for deep-fried asshatery made her wonder what other choices were out there that could be supporting the wrong causes.  She googled a list of companies owned by Mitt Romney's Bain Capital,  and was surprised by some on the list.

The restaurants on the list are easy; Miss G never eats at any of these, so she won't have to make an effort to strike them off of her list:


Miss G rarely buys off the rack, so avoiding these stores shouldn't be too hard:


This one is going to be much tougher:  in order to avoid it, she's probably going to have to plan better, and order from the internet:


There were a couple of other organizations fleecing Romney's pockets that were surprising to Miss G:


Won't you join Miss G in avoiding the capitalists at Bain?


mrs.missalaineus said...

oh fuck the mattress we just bought was a least it was made in michigan.

a small comfort- the very wealthy do not pick where to invest, their investment people pretty much make those decisions. with the wealth the ultra rich have amassed, it's very hard for us, the 99% (or 98% if you prefer) to shop anywhere that does not eventually make a profit for them.


Bob said...

I stand with Miis G.
The fast food will be easy because I don't do the stuff.

But Michaels?

That one may hurt.

Ken Riches said...

The Weather Channel is the only one on the list that does not make sense. The others are not an issue for me. Both pictures are tasteless for different reasons.

Beth said...

Oh gawd, I hadn't seen that pic of the Quitter wearing cowboy boots and a short dress. She is just SO trashy.


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