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Tuesday, July 24, 2012


It's been a crazy week for Miss Ginger, and it's only Tuesday...  who knows what the rest of the week will bring!

Perhaps crazy is not the best word to use, at least not for the entire story.  For the first part, maybe it is...

The Aurora massacre has had a greater effect on Miss G than massacres of the past.  Perhaps it's because she recently spent a week working with some folks from Colorado who work in our Aurora store.  Perhaps it's because of the attention the media has brought to the fact the the shooter bought all of the weapons and ammo legally, without any flags or "exception reports" to show that someone was collecting massive amounts of warfare.  And perhaps it's just because she is horrified by the frequency with which these disasters seem to happen in America.  Her tiny brain is just boggled by how people can wage war on their own neighbors!

On top of all that, a friend committed suicide this weekend.  Not a dear, old, friend, but someone I knew and liked.  He was a dear, old friend, of a dear, dear, friend, and, because of that, my heart is broken.  Suicide is so painful... one can only imagine the pain that leads someone to that act.  And, the pain lingers with the friends and family of the victim, who struggle so desperately to understand the cause.  Miss Ginger is no stranger to the pain of suicide... at the young age of 10, Boy Ginger lost a childhood friend to suicide; a boy slightly older than he, who found the prospects for his future something with which he couldn't cope.  A young Boy G saw the intense pain inflicted upon his parents and sister- the whole neighborhood, really.  Such a young age for a budding drag queen to understand that some people just can't cope....

Then today, Miss Ginger learned that someone she knows and loves has had what many would call a "nervous breakdown".  She can remember, as a child, Momma G speaking of people who had "breakdowns";  Young G never knew what that meant.  As recently as this morning, Miss Ginger wasn't really sure what it meant, until she found out about her friend, and did some google magic to understand the meaning.

In retrospect, this friend exhibited all the signs:  highs and lows, crying jags, nonsensical communication, the appearance of being overwhelmed.  The research Miss Ginger accomplished made her realize some concerns of her own....

Much of her back pain had been caused by tension and inflammation.... exacerbated by the stress of worrying about more pain and tension!  Her recent visit to the neurologist has set her mind at ease about all of that, and the healthy test results, along with the doctor's therapy, has made all the difference in the world!

Her withdrawal from social situations has had a lot to do with anxiety and depression as well.  At it's worst, crying jags in the doctor's clinic and the bosses office were clear indications that there was a problem.  Thankfully, a perceptive physician and a sympathetic (and WONDERFUL!) boss recognized the signs and reacted accordingly.  Today, Miss Ginger realized that her recent jump back into crafts and creativity has been the healthiest thing she can do!  On top of that, she is finding a new social groove, albeit she will never have the stamina and capacity she did 10 years ago... thank heavens!  Who could keep up that pace and maintain the busy life it takes to be 2 people?!

Miss Ginger hopes this post finds you all happy, stable, confident, and comfortable with where you are headed!  And if not... she hopes you will "do the google", recognize the warnings, and get yourself on the right track to happiness and success!!  

Love to all!


David Dust said...

So sorry about all the drama and your loss. But I'm glad you're taking steps to get yourself moving in the right direction.

Also, there is this thing called a "telephone". It's the machine you use to call your sister when you're feeling down.

Love ya!


Miss Ginger Grant said...

Last time that happened i used this thing called an "airplane". It made all the difference in the world!!!

mrs.missalaineus said...

my dearest you are in my thoughts today and always. knowing when to ask for help or talking to a doctor is the first step back to being more like you again.

we need to get you, david and ken and beth out here at the same time. and tug and bill. and joy. and both marks!


David Dust said...

"Airplanes" work also.

I haven't had that much fun since. When ya coming back?!?


Ken Riches said...

Sad news for your friend of a friend, but good news that you are getting your groove back!

Romance said...

I am sorry for your loss and so happy to hear you are taking good care of yourself and that you have loved ones around you to help you steer your course...

Mood disorders and mental illness are a huge issue - I know, I have lost some very important people to them... its part of why I do the work I do- to improve access and care for behavioral health...

Art, crafts, friends- all so important... glad you are doing what you love...

Beth is going to come out - lets see if we can wrangle FFM as well- and you!!!

We are craft-a-rific around here...

I love you and am glad you are finding new ways to be well

Sam said...

Hugs. Hope you feel better. Xoxoxo

Beth said...

I'm sorry to hear that it's been such a rough time for you, my friend. My condolences to the family of your friend.

However, I'm glad to hear that you're taking steps to rectify your own situation. I also tend to withdraw in order to regroup, but don't let it become and extended withdrawal. Your friends are your friends for a reason: we all love you and care about you, and will do whatever we can to help.

Love & Hugs,


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