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Friday, July 6, 2012


OMG- GingerSnaps!!!   Miss Ginger's life is complete! Should a truck hit her tomorrow, no regrets (just a tangled mess of bills, debt, wigs and eyeglasses) would be left behind!!!!

The beautiful lady to the left, Shelby Hodge, has been penning the coming's and going of the social scene in Houston since Miss G got here. (Shelby MUST have been the youngest social columnist in the business back then!)  When Miss G first came to Houston, Shelby wrote for the Houston Post, and Miss G followed her column religiously,  hoping to be a "sightemed" at a "swakienda" SOMEWHERE west of the Mississippi!!

Some years ago, the post folded into the Chronicle, Miss Ginger's oft-quoted source of all things Texicana.  A couple of years after, Shelby disappeared from the Chronicle's fading pages, only to reappear, bolder and more timely than ever, as the Editor-at-Large for Houston's online source for the happenings about own,  Screw papercity, people- culturemap is THE place to get the dirt on what's happening around town!  No slumming at Eatzie's  Cafe Express  Barnaby's to find the latest issue- culturemap's webeditions appear on your screen each morning, before your Height's-brew coffee even has time to temper your River Oak's hangover from the night before!!

ANYHO, Shelby's most recent column highlighted one of Miss Ginger's signature events, The Mint Julep Pageant, and don't fail to notice, people, that Miss Ginger was the FIRST QUEEN MENTIONED!!!  In the words of Alexis Mateo:  BAM!!!!

Hopefully, all you Houston 'Snaps out there are already planning to attend the event, one week from this Sunday, at Rich's!  And if you're not:  WHAT THE HELL'S YOUR PROBLEM?!!!

See ya there!!


Bob said...

Brava! Miss G! Brava!

Ken Riches said...

Yay, hope it brings more people to the event.

David Dust said...

Way to go, Sis!!!


Wonder Man said...

sounds like fun

Joy said...

Good news!

Anonymous said...

Hi Miss G, this is Jackie, friend of Auntie flame. I so wish I lived in Texas just for the week of the Mint Julep shindig. I'm certain you were fabulous.


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