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Monday, July 2, 2012

It's Time to Ketchup!

Hey, GingerSnaps!  Once again, Miss Ginger has gone for MONTHS without giving you any real sauce on here, so it's time to catch up!  So far, this summer has been a BLUR!

Let's start, as summer does, with Memorial Day.  Miss Ginger made a quickie trip to the Big Apple to see her dear, dear sister DD, compliments of the oft-maligned Continental
United airlines.  It was so good to see my dear sis, and yes, we did make it to "the Urges" for a little tipping the dick dancers philanthropy!  We also made a stop at Excellent Dumpling House for some Borbequed Pork Buns, just to make Mistress Borghese sorry she chose the beach instead!  

Those who follow closely may remember that Miss Ginger toyed with the idea of a craft blog, but those who follow closely also know that Miss G finds it hard enough making time for this blog, much less the crafts that would be required to start another blog.  Plus, Miss G has enough abandoned blogs out there!  But, always true to her word, Miss G WILL be adding crafts to this blog in the not TOO distant future, and she has been crafting away furiously in order to have many several at least a few posts prepared before she launches into this!  Rest assured, you won't have to be crafty to enjoy these posts- snarkiness is the most important crafting skill for Miss Ginger! One of the things we ARE working on is a Dust Bunny Duster, which I know you will all want to make!
Who needs a Swiffer® with one of these guys around?! 

On other fronts, Miss Ginger was ELATED with Justice Robert's vote on the Affordable Care Act!! Miss Ginger has spent a bit of time on the 'net lately talking some of her more conservative friends down off the ledge, but she couldn't be happier seeing the US take this baby step into the modern world!  No one questions the right of government to provide police protection, fire protection, hell, even the schooling of our children!  But, mention that you'd like to protect the daily health of all citizens in a similar manner and you start a firestorm of controversy!  Nutwood Beth Facebooked this great article that describes the known changes in chronological order;  it's kind of amazing how little impact this will have on most of the US!  Will there be in increase in your insurance premium? Let me answer that question with a question: "has there not been an increase in your insurance premium every year, for as long as you can remember?"  Oh, and by the many tax increases can you remember in your life time from which you could opt out simply by doing something you should have been doing anyway?!! And, as many articles have pointed out, if the "tax on non-participants" didn't exist, you'd have to take out the "no pre-existing conditions" requirement, which would render the act useless.  It's a great starting point, and I'm proud to support the President who signed it into law!

Anderson Cooper came out. Yawn.

Tom Cruise came out left Katie Holmes. Yawn.

So, watcha think, dear 'Snaps.... is Miss Tommasina gay?
"Oh, gurl- you KNOW I am!!"
The Olympic trials have started, and are America's newest form of "reality TV"! Does anyone ever remember US Olympic Trials getting PRIMETIME coverage?  Clearly, there is a god!!

Cool your jets, girls, boiz, and gurls,  he's married!

Dat's right..... maddied!
And, as the rest of the world goes gaga over "Magic Mike",

Miss Ginger says: "ladies, if ya wanted to see hot guys naked, all you hadda do is TELL me!!


Bob said...

Good ketchup!

But, um, Katie left Tom, which is huge, because no one ever walks out on MiniMan.
And please don't let him be gay. I don't want him on my team.

mrs.missalaineus said...


not being in school has been strange. i have interesting things to write about, the time to devote to my craft, yet i am not updating-


David Dust said...

I want a Dust Bunny Duster!!!!! And some more Pork Buns!!!!


Ken Riches said...

Glad that you are enjoying your summer. Glad there are still a couple more months of it.

Joy said...

Bob beat me to it. Katie left Tom and saved her daughter from Scientology!

Thanks for the update. Now I know what's been going on with you outside our Scrabble games.

Beth said...

Thanks for the linky, hon! Isn't it odd how the Affordable Care Act has mostly dropped out of the news? It's been upheld...GET OVER IT, bishes!


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