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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Happy Housewarming!

When 2 of GingerNation's most FABULOUS GingerSnaps bought their first home, Miss Ginger knew she wanted to do something special for them.  So when Mr. and Miss Alaineous posted photos of their basement redux, Miss Ginger's imagination went to work.         They chose a pub theme for their new room, and even named it "The Winchester Room"  so Miss G was inspired to give them wall sconce candleholders to frame the grand entrance!  

Miss Ginger started by creating a "logo" for the winchester room on the computer, and cut a stencil to transfer it to the glass.  After cutting the bottoms off of 2 matching bottles using the G3 cutter,  Miss Ginger used etching cream and a Dremel Tool to etch the pattern onto the glass. (She's got posts coming to explain all of the options for decorating glass and making stencils!) 

Once the glass was decorated, Miss G had to create a way for Mr. Mischief to mount them to the wall.  From the molding aisle at Lowes she selected 2 inexpensive pre-cut pine pieces, and finished them with a wipe-on stain and glossy spray-on polyurethane.  After drilling pilot holes to avoid splitting the wood,  she screwed 2 oversized eye-hooks into the wood to hold the neck of the bottle.

Because these sconces will be holding a heavy bottle and a flaming candle, Miss G. added aluminum rail hangers to the back to ensure they would mount to the wall solidly.  If you've not used these before, they are really handy for hanging something heavy, or for hanging something that could be knocked out of position by bumps or vibration.  They are easy to find in the hardware aisle at Lowes, and they even have a built-in level to make sure your item is straight and solid! 

So here's the finished product, right before Miss G packed them up to send to surprise the Larsens!  Miss Ginger can't wait to see a picture of them installed in the Winchester Room!


David Dust said...

You are amazing at this kind of stuff. I'm really impressed!


Ken Riches said...

Looks fabulous

mrs.missalaineus said...

they are amazing indeed, as are you! gotta get off my ass and get that thank you in the mail.


Beth said...

Those are very cool!


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