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Monday, October 29, 2012

Organization QuickTip!

Use self-adhesive business card holders from the office supply store to label the jars and containers in your pantry, instead of using an adhesive-backed label. Print your labels on perforated business card blanks. This way if you change the product stored in the container, you can slide out the old card and insert a new one, without having to peel off a stubborn label and deal with the residue it leaves behind! 

Wide mouth quart canning jars are great for storing pantry staples, and are much easier to organize and find than a bunch of half-used bags of beans, peas, or rice spilling all over!  You can buy a dozen jars for about 16 bucks, and they will last forever!  For another 10 bucks, you can replace the 2 piece canning lids with a plastic storage lid that is much easier to deal with.

Finally, for about $30 at Lowes, you can get a wire shelf unit that screws to the inside of the pantry door, adding valuable space and keeping these often used items right up front where they are easy to find!

Miss Ginger has lots more great storage ideas to share, so stay tuned!!  


Beth said...

I love the idea of using the canning jars for storage. I've got bags of beans and rice falling all over themselves in our basement pantry!

Bob said...

Carlos and i were just having the discussion of labeling jars and he said he hates peeling old labels on to make way for new ones and then you come up with this BRAZILLIANT idea!!

DomesticGoddess bless you!

Anonymous said...

Is there any stickiness from the business card holders if you would like to use it for another reason or to wash the jar?

SherryZ said...

How are glass jars at keeping bugs out?


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