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Friday, October 26, 2012

It's Here!!!

Miss Ginger has promised you a NEW and IMPROVED blog for quite some time, and here it is!!  With it's fresh pink color and easier to read posts, this 'ole blog is moving into new territory with a focus (yes, a focus!) on all things domestic!  In addition to more recipes and more decorating and organizing ideas, Miss Ginger will bring you ideas for sewing, building, and crafting!  But these aren't your kindergarten niece's "noodles-on-construction paper"- Miss Ginger will bring you the best of what Momma G taught her, updated with tips on the best tools, materials, and products  on the market today!  It's "crafting gone drag queen mad" like you've never seen before!!

So what brings about this newfound focus?  It's a long story, but in a nutshell:  Miss Ginger's original blog started as an attempt to publicize her charitable endeavors, and create a place where friends in the community could go to find out what was happening in her life. With the advent of facebook and twitter, Miss Ginger found much more efficient ways to hawk her shows.  Still, she had made so many friends on this blog and beyond that she kept it going with a disjointed series of stories and dialogues that were sometimes sweet, sometimes stupid, but hopefully, always entertaining.

The entertainment will continue, she promises! But as she looked for a new purpose for her blog, she wanted something unique.  Even though her domestic prowess is unmatched, "mommy blogs" are a dime a dozen.  "Gay" blogs are all over the place, and she didn't want to put herself in competition with Joe.My.God, Towel-rod, or the inimitable David Dust, the masters of the genre. "Drag queen" blogs are almost a ubiquitous as the mommy ones, with Rupaul and every girl who ever sashayed away trying to make a buck in the blogosphere.  Those blogs are "fierce", or I think the girls now say "sick-ning", both things which Miss G decidedly are not.  She is tasteful... cultured...  and just a skilled at putting an arrangement on the table as she is a meal!  

So hun-hun-hunty:  let's get it going!  The crafts are coming, I promise-  we'll have our weekly "kiki" to bang out some glitter and settle our nerves!!  What's a kiki, you ask?


mrs.missalaineus said...

love it!


Mr.Mischief said...

Make sure to do one about making the wine bottle candle sconces!

David Dust said...

I think this a great idea.


S'A said...

My first thought was "Wow!". Love the new look!

Bob said...


Kyle Leach said...

Miss G I love the change! So happy to be on the journey with you.:)

Beth said...

It's beautiful! Love the new look, love the new direction. Fun song, too! XOXO


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