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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Catchup with Miss Ginger Grant!

As a big 'ole drag queen with a heart of gold,  Miss Ginger is THRILLED with the repeal of DADT!  Miss G is not sure why any real 'mo would want to wear green all the time and be in the dirt and muck all day, but hey, she's not throwing rocks!!

As a fashion professional, Miss Ginger predicts that "camo will become the new black" as President Obama signs into law the bill abolishing DADT!  Michael Korange will be all about "military chic" next season, and Ralph Lauren will come out with a new Polo Artillery line!

Closer to the home front, Miss Ginger is really struggling with the ole holiday spirit this year!!  It's even worse than the year Momma G died!  She doesn't seem to have the time or energy to decorate,  and when she thinks she might force herself to cowgirl up and pull this shit out,  she realizes that if she does,  it will stay up until March and she'll have to put it all away herself. Not gonna do it!  Plus,  she's really struggling with the whole Jeebus thing anyway,  and feels a little bit hypocritical celebrating the birthday of a diety she does not embrace.  She will, of course, celebrate, but it will be more in the way the non-Irish celebrate St. Patricks Day, or the way non-French celebrate Bastille Day-  by getting dronk!  She's going to host Christmas Eve dinner, and that will get her in the spirit, but really, she's just kinda ready for the holidays to be over so she can celebrate the ONE TRUE HOLIDAY:   Mardi Gras!!!!

She's watched White Christmas like 3 times to try to get into the spirit, but it not working!  Miss Ginger LOVES White Christmas because: 
1. It co-stars Mary Wickes, perhaps the most talented character actress of all time!
2. It stars Vera-Ellen,  perhaps the skinniest bitch that "Golden Hollywood" ever saw!  I think this chic invented "bulimia chic"!  That little tiny waist.... and those LEGS!!!!

3.  It's the only movie in which Rosemary Clooney was truly pretty!  And pretty skinny herself, although it was cruel to put her next to Vera-Ellen!

4. The chorus boys!!  All that shiny black hair!!  A bohemian rhapsody, for sure!!  And Johnny,  the choreographer for the "show".  That's what I'm talkin' about!!

What's your favorite part of "White Christmas"?  And, while you're commenting, how do you get yourself in the mood for the holidays?


David Dust said...

Sorry to hear that you're not in the spirit of things. I'm not either. It's so sad that this holiday has become all about consumerism - because when you're broke, it's hard to get excited about Christmas at all.

And now I'm going to admit something that may just threaten my good standing as a homosexual - I've never seen White Christmas all the way through. Just bits and pieces.

I know ... THE SHAME !!!!

Hang in there honey, Mardi Gras will be here quicker than you know it.


mrs. miss alaineus said...

the only part i really enjoy is the food/ people and the singing of carols. the rest of it i can do without....


Wonder Man said...

I want RL to make a new line of military wear

Anonymous said...

I will help you put it up and Jane will probally help too. Let me know when and I will also try to help you get some of your decorations up. MBC

mistress maddie said...

Girl, I love White Christmas and love the whole thing! As far as Christmas goes I always get in the mood since I don't really do the wgole gift thing except maybe two. For me I always enjoy the decorating and the getting together for good food,company, and getting dronk! Of course, playing with all the balls helps too!

Joy said...

I'm having trouble getting in the mood, too, which is why I prefer Thanksgiving. Much less stress with gifts, decorating, cooking, etc. Haven't decorated and at this late date don't see the point. Maybe next year.

Anonymous said...

The best part of White Christmas is the lovely dance routine Danny Kaye and Vera Ellen have, "The Best Things Happen While You're Dancing." Don't know why it's never been included in musical film retrospectives. Also love the whole nightclub scene in the Carousel Club with Rosie singing, "Love, You Didn't Do Right By Me." Wish there was a real club that looked like that. A lot of WC is really irritating, though, like the whole Rosie-Bing misunderstanding and that "We'll Follow the Old Man Wherever He Wants to Go" song that sticks in your head and won't go away. Many funny moments like Bing's pear-shaped body in a T-shirt and Dean Jagger calling him "son," when he's probably a lot younger than Bing.


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