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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Really, Michael K?

All you fashionistas out there probably already know that the merchandise deliveries that stores receive during late December and early January are referred to as "cruise" or "resort" deliveries, as opposed to "spring", "summer", "fall", and "holiday". Cruise deliveries, by far the smallest of the 5 main deliveries, are intended to give those fashion-starved individuals who are tired of looking at the same ole sweaters a chance to add something fresh and new to their wardrobe. These resort-inspired deliveries typically inject color into the offering, often with nautical or spectator detailing. Aimed at the "jet set", they are, by nature, multi-functional, allowing the wearer options for everything from a cruise vacation to a week of skiing in the Alps!

So, now that you conjured up images of blue blazers, white pants, and cotton sweaters, all appropriate vestiges of cruise collections,  take a look at what our friend Michael Kors is showing for cruise this year:

Really, Michael?!  In this season of change, when you had the chance to work with vivid colors and bold patterns, all we get is this sad, brown dress- with a cardigan?!  And whats with the puddle around the bottom- did you run out of time before you got a chance to put in the hem?  I mean, what woman would wear this?  Where is she going- to a "Grey Gardens" party? And that hat? It looks like you had extra material from the sweater and thought: "Hey! I'll just whip up a hat, too!"  Vacations are supposed to be joyful! Where is the joy in this outfit?  

Miss Ginger would love to hear what Nina and Heidi would have to say about this one!  She knows what Isaac Mizrahi would say: "buh bye, darling!"


mrs. miss alaineus said...

i guess if they were nuns cruising the northwest passage?????


Bob said...

Perfect for a hell!

Kailyn said...

This may explain how Gretchen won the last season of PR.

David Dust said...

LOL @ Kailyn's comment. So true.



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