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Sunday, December 19, 2010

A New Drag Name!

You know the classics:
Virginia Ham
Anita Man
Bertha Venation

and here's a new one:

Phyllis Mangina?!  Really?

Assuming that she's a lesbian, which she appears to be, "Mangina"  would be the name given by her parents.  Can you imagine that conversation between Mr. and Mrs. Mangina?:

Mrs. M: What should we name out little bundle of joy?
Mr. M:  How about "Anita"?
Mrs. M:  No, I don't like the way that sounds?
Mr. M: How about "Bertha"?
Mrs. M: Doesn't exactly roll off the tongue.
Mr. M:  How about "Phyllis"?  "Phyllis Mangina".  That's a great name!
Mrs. M:  Perfect! And we'll give her my maiden name as her middle name!  "Phyllis Cameltoe Mangina!"  Our little girl!


David Dust said...



Mr.Mischief said...

Holy crap I'm laughing my ass off...hehehehehe! :P

Anonymous said...

She was destined to be a coach. MBC

Joy said...

Oh my!


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