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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Pretty Damn Brazziliant!

According to the Houston Chronicle, online retailer is working to patent an online gifting system that to Miss G seems nothing short of brilliant! According to the article, Amazon knows that about 30% of the items it ships as gifts will be returned, at expense and inconvenience to both the recipient and the retailer.  Therefore, they have devised a system of advanced notification that allows users to convert an undesirable gift to something they want, before it even leaves the warehouse!!

Users can set parameters for gift acceptance on Amazon's site, and gifts that fall within the parameters will be shipped as usual.  But, if the gift falls outside of the parameters, like "no gifts from Aunt Mildred", or "no clothing with wool", the recipient will be notified that the gift has been ordered and paid for, and will ask the recipient for further instructions.  Seems like a "win-win" to me!!

Apparently, the Emily Post set is up in arms. What do you think, dear GingerSnaps? Would you use such a service?


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

It certainly makes good business sense, but I can see that it is a bit uncouth to return before it even ships.

Mr.Mischief said...

Efficient, but tacky...very cool though, and the next time my mom bought me a gift against my wishes I could turn it into a Kindle book or something for Guinness!

David Dust said...

That would never fly in my family. We NEVER return anything - and we always pretend that every gift is absolutely perfect. Even if it's a woolen piece of crap from Aunt Mildred.


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