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Saturday, December 25, 2010

'Tis Better to Give....

As many of you may know, Miss Ginger has declared her home a "no gifting zone" for the past couple of years- after (cough! cough!) years in the retail industry, she has come to despise the whole concept of "obligated gifting".

This year, however, she did give one special gift, and giving it brought her the great joy that the season is about!

Many of you know fellow GingerSnap Zombie Mom,  working and now single mother of 2 special toddlers in California.  The girls are CONSUMED with mermaids- they absolutely love anything mermaid themed!  So, Miss Ginger made them a special mermaid keepsake chest, and filled it with all sorts of subsea treasures!

On the front of the chest she placed two unique locks, each with it's own key, and she wrote a special poem to explain how it works:

The chest you see before ye holds treasures from the deep

‘tis from an ancient shipwreck! (‘twas hidden in the keep!)

It wasn’t placed by sailors; it’s contents are too fine!

A sailors loot is lurid- gold bullion, jewels, and wine!

This bounty is from mermaids, who hid their treasures well;

Deep within the shipwreck, hidden by a shell.

The treasures of a mermaid are special, that’s for sure!

Their beauty is their bounty, their hearts are good, and pure!

The nights at sea are sullen, the days are dark, and grey

But sailors find their targets when mermaids lead the way!

A mermaid’s life is lonely, with nights of siren song,

Singing while they’re swimming, so sailors tag along.

After each long journey, the sailors just get drunk

But every mermaid swims to check the treasure in her trunk!

She goes to where it’s hidden, alone, and with her key,

To add what she’s collected from this last trip at sea!

But some mermaids are special; they have a lifelong pal!

A mermaid with a sister is an extra special gal!

She has someone to share with, to coddle, and cahoot,

When mermaid sisters team up, there’s extra special loot!

The treasure chest before ye, ‘tis solid, that’s a fact…

With double locks, a fortress, its contents all intact.

It’s made for mermaid sisters, with a special catch, you see

Each sister owns the contents, each sister has a key!

Like sisters who are different, these keys are not the same

One is for the youngest, ‘tis LaLa! That’s her name!

The other if for Sarah to have, and hold, and keep,

And carry with her always on her travels through the deep!

But here’s the catch I promised: a special way to share!

Before the box can open, each sister must be there!

She must have sharing spirit, and of course must have her key,

And when both locks are opened, their mermaid love runs free!

Merry Christmas to those special California mermaids!!!


David Dust said...


That is about the sweetest thing I've ever read in my life!! You are the best Auntie those two fabulous little girls could ever ask for.

And I'm so happy that Miss Ginger was able to subtly and tastefully add references to drunken sailors into a children's poem! Masterful!!

You, my darling Sister, have got the true meaning of Christmas down pat.

Love & Hugs,


mrs. miss alaineus said...

this is so beautiful!

i love the concept that they both need to be there to open it! sounds like the makings of a really cool children's adventure book!


Anonymous said...

great gift-enjoyed last night at your house. What a great host. MBC

Joy said...

How sweet! Wonderful gift! You're the best! xoxoxox

Mr.Mischief said...

Ok, now this is DAMN adorable, and very sweet of you to do! :)

Zombie Mom said...

That was the best christmas gift evaaah!!!!! It made a tough holiday season very special - love you

Kailyn said...

Thank you for solving the mystery. After unwrapping my gift, they had to show me yours. When I asked who gave it to them, they were unable to answer.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Wonderful gift. I don't follow her any more, but looks like you helped brighten a tough time.


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