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Friday, January 20, 2012

Queen Ginger Gets the Sadz.....

when she learns that the TV world's greatest Southern chef is living with type 2 diabetes!

Queen Ginger can't help but love Paula Deen!  She reminds the Queen SO MUCH of her dearly departed Momma G in so many ways!  Just not so much the blue eyeshadow part!

Momma G kept her hair naturally white, like Paula.  Momma G kept a coffee can of bacon grease on the kitchen counter.  Momma G knew you can't make divinity when it's raining.  And Momma G had type 2 diabetes.

And Momma G could cook up some of the best Southern dishes you ever laid a lip on!

Queen G has blogged about diabetes before,  for that nasty disease has taken away too many people (and critters!) that she loved, and it's knocking' at her back door, as well!

The haters (and by haters I mean that asstit Anthony Boredom) have already started ragging on Paula, saying she should have revealed her diagnosis sooner, and that it's "in bad taste" for her to write cookbooks and host television programs heralding her delicious, if not someone unhealthy, cuisine while suffering from a disease likely caused by those foods!

Paula, in her own defense, claims that she never meant for anyone to eat her decadent specialties 365 days a year, which sounds fair, to this rather biased royal.  Growing up in the South, it's not like we had a pecan pie every weekend, or fried shrimp once a month to celebrate payday! Think about it, people: the traditions of the South are rural. In the "old days" in the most of the rural South, there wasn't a hell of a lot to do, so people celebrated just about anything they could justify, and cooked special meals whenever they had the opportunity to get together with others,which really wasn't that often! To this day, Southern cooks "fix" their best recipes for visitors, and calories be damned when there's company coming!

Additionally, there's no proof that the foods "caused" her diabetes.  While diet may play a part, and must be controlled to managed the disease, heredity and genetics could cause a person with the healthiest diet on earth to contract type 2 diabetes.

When Daddy G was first diagnosed with heart disease back in the 70's, it was hard for Momma G to part with her grease can, and her garlic salt, and her deep fryer- but she did it- not just for Daddy G, but for all of us.  She learned to use olive oil instead of bacon grease;  a "teflon pan" instead of an iron skillet; and the oven instead of a deep fryer.  It may have been too little, too late, but she educated herself with fervor to learn what was rapidly being revealed back then about heart disease, high blood pressure, cholesterol, and the like.

We still got fried shrimp on our birthdays, and maybe a pecan pie at Thanksgiving, but we also learned to enjoy grilled chicken, broiled fish, and boiled shrimp.  Just as, I'm sure, Paula's family does on a day to day basis!

So, go to hell, haters!!  Paula is good people, and she makes good food, the traditional way.  If that's a bad thing, Anthony Boredom, than you will have to prove it to me! Because I think Paula is a saint, and I hope someday, when her time on earth is done,  she and Momma G have a chance to whomp up a big ole batch of fried shrimp together! I can hear their laughter in the kitchen from here!


Sam said...

You know it didn't take long for the assholes to jump on the "I told you so" bandwagon and like you George it pissed the me hell off.
I don't think that the cooking is any healthier than it was back then.
Matter of fact, fresh veggies and fruit seem to be altered and covered with so many more chemicals I wonder if we arent doing more harm than good these days.
Look CANCER is an epidemic and many other numerous ailments.

I feel the problems are due to fast foods and those, like me, who don't know how to stop at just one.
Fuck the haters. Paula Deen is my personal savior. I pray to her. Glory be to Paula.
Bitches you all are going to die eventually.
What would rather die with in your mouth? A piece of homemade pecan pie and scoop of ice cream or a fucking celery stick?
Don't blame it on the food, blame it on excess.
I'm so pissed I'm going in here to order FRIED CHICKEN!! I'm out.

Mr.Mischief said...

I like paula dean, but she didn't say anything about her diabetes until recently even though she knew she had it three years ago. She waited until she got her endorsement with that medical company to say anything about it and THEN decided to talk about it on tv. I'm not saying I don't love my fried food, but still.

Sam said...

FROM what I heard, The National Enquirer was headed to press.
Regardless of a endorsement or not. She just recently revealed she's a smoker of 40 plus years and I don't remember hearing anything about her endorsing RJ Reynolds.
I don't give a shit she has diabetes, or the endorsement. I just hate people getting all holier than thou, and AHA!! I gotcha.

Miss Ginger Grant said...

You know, Miss A, I think at first she might have been a bit embarrassed about being diabetic. I know that sounds dumb, but maybe it's a Southern thing... I know my Momma was, and she didn't tell her own kids for 3 years after her diagnosis!

Maybe the negotiators from the drug company helped her to realize that she could use her fame to help others learn about the disease, and the treatment options available. Diabetes is treatable, but so many people ignore ore deny the symptoms, and by the time they are diagnosed and treated their bodies are already irreparably damaged.

I'm gonna give Paula the benefit of the doubt here. I think she deserves it!

It's not about loving fried food- it's about loving a human soul!

Dannelle said...

I, as well, love Miss Paula. I hate these mamby-pamby media put downs. Billy Bush has ragged on Paula all week as well as others. I got so mad I went into the kitchen and baked up a Paula Deen Gooey Cake, probably the most fat laden recipe ever. I just hope this doesn't change her wonderful personality.

mrs.missalaineus said...

lol that was the hubs- i told him i'd rather hear about the diabetes from her than that oat-eatin' wilfred brimley.

i'm sorta meh about the issue. i wasn't shocked when she came out about her health and i guess her coming forward to me was no different than magic johnson coming forward with his health status. it's awareness that is important and if they pay her to do that, well then they do. her name is a brand and she deserves to be compensated for the use of it. shee-it, if someone wants to pay me to endorse math education even if i leave teaching i'm not gonna say no-kwim?

i'm with tug. whether you eat healthy or not you die anyways- i'd much rather go out on the strength of a peanut butter and butter sammich than a carrot-

now let's get back to our scrabble- nice win you had on that last one


JaneR said...

; the blue eye shadow was MY mother! And I had no idea Aunt G had diabetes.

Beth said...

I'm kinda with Mrs. A. It's no never-mind to me, and if she raises awareness, that's a good thing.

As Ms. Deen herself has said, everything in moderation. Does she make butter-laden desserts and a lot of fried food? Sure, but that's her TV show. It doesn't mean she eats like that 24/7.

I'll never be one to count every calorie. There's just too much good food out there. But if we go out to eat, I get what I want, and sometimes I even get a dessert. It's like when we were in NOLA...who counts calories in NOLA?? It's some of the best food in the world, and I enjoyed every bite of it. But I don't eat like that all the time. You can enjoy life and be healthy, too! XOXO


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