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Friday, January 6, 2012

Project Runway All-Stars- The Queen Opines1

The long awaited (and FLAWLESSLY edited!) PRAS began with a bang last night, and we discovered that the producers have replaced Tim and Heidi as mentor and host! 

Joanna Coles is certainly no Tim Gunn.  She seemed to offer more snark and sarcasm than advice and support, which one would think I would enjoy, but I didn't.  The fact that Tim is so lovable is what makes him, well, lovable.  Watching Joanna is like having to kiss your aunt... on the lips. There's just nothing there, and it just seems wrong!

Tom and Lorenzo named the new hostess "Schmeidi" on twitter.... I think it fits her! Honestly, the Queen doesn't even know her real name to google a picture, so you'll have to look it up on the website if you must know! (She forever will be "Schmeidi" to me!)  That dress she wore for the fashion show looked like it had an entire kindergarten's worth of half-sucked lifesavers stuck all over it. A little birdie told me it's a Mizrahi. Oops!

Speaking of Mizrahi, Queen G has decided that Michael Kors and Isaac Mizrable are pretty much interchangeable.

 Put a mannequin in a black suit and pop on a crazy black wig and bad shoes: Voila! You have Isaac. Pluck off the wig, spray it orange, and add black aviators and boom- it's Michael.  Actually, Isaac's brand of snark and commentary does seem gentler and more sincere! 

As for the contestants, no surprises there, including the first loser.  I remember Elisa being a freak, but she seems even more over the top freaky than her first season.  Perhaps the drugs have had time to rot more brain cells.

Luckily, the contestants are entertaining enough to make up for the lack of sparkle from JC and Schmeidi.  The first episode was definitely captivating enough to keep me watching, and probably making catty comments weekly right here on this blog!  Keep watching! 


Tivo Mom said...

I liked it but agree totally on your comments. I do think Isaac will get bitchier and sadly I will probably enjoy that.

Bob said...

I agree,
Though I loves me some Isaac!

Joy said...

I liked it, too, and also agree with what you said about it. I missed Tim so much!!! No one can replace him. I don't know Schmeidi's real name either and will just call her that as well. She was OK. I miss Tim. I'm fine with Isaac. So funny what you wrote about Schmeidi's dress!

Elisa was really out there even more than before. Wow. I don't like Austin's mustache. Makes him look sinister like a silent movie villain.

Joy said...

Keep the recaps coming! Good one!

Anonymous said...

nice idea.. thanks for sharing..


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